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Thread: I can see a reason, but I still don't like it.

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    Default I can see a reason, but I still don't like it.

    I just got a message saying that I've been deemed a "lurker." I haven't investigated to see what the means entirely, but really, I don't care, because once this is posted, I shouldn't be one anymore.

    I haven't posted anything because I don't really fancy the idea of people I don't even know knowing all too much about me. If you haven't guessed yet, I'm kind of the ultra paranoid/careful type. There that's one thing that you now know about me. Another that you may or may not have inferred by now is that I am heavy with the sarcasm. I try to be funny, however, slowly but surly, I am learning that text is not always the best way to convey a meaning beyond the actual words. If anything I say offends you, I apologize greatly. Reading this may make me seem like a jerk, but I am actually a nice person, who tries his hardest to be funny, usually using resorting to stupid puns or dumb one liners that sounded better in my head. There, now you know as much about me as I really care for you to without me knowing you too.

    Now looking at what I wrote, I didn't think that I would write that much. Oh well, I'm too lazy to press and hold the delete key...

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    thanks for saying the truth, and being upfront ultra paranoid/careful persona. I'm pretty sure we here can overlook a little sarcasm. Thx for joining and have a good time. This site has a lot too offer.

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