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    Default So...Hi there

    *Holds out Paw*

    The Name is Kuro and nice to meet everyone here. I joined a longtime ago and am just now posting.

    If you couldn't tell I'm a baby fur. but I'm also a good bit AB/DL. It usually depends on my mood what I am at that moment but you can almost guarantee that I'm either a furry or otaku on any day.

    Hope to see you on the boards.


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    Holly, its been a while since you joined! Nice to see you've finally decided to shed lurker status :P

    So, you're into anime then, eh? Any series in particular that you like? Is there any other interest you have that you'd like to share (any sports you enjoy or any hobbies you have?).

    In any case, I hope you enjoy yourself here, and I also hope that we won't have to wait 13 months for your second post ^^.

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    Haha Yeah. Sort of Lurked here for a bit then I moved away from the site (And Forums in general) for a while.

    Anyway, anime I'm into...Definitely still love Pokemon, Naruto's pretty good as well, I'm big on action style. Yu Yu Hakusho is another one of my favorites but my number one at the moment has to be Host Club. Hysterical is not even close to start describing that series.

    Anything else about me? Well, I love Soccer and Hockey. The former is a little more my style though. I'm also big into RPG's both Tabletop and Online. Although, I haven't really been true to the craft at this point. I also do a lot of TCG's as well. Pokemon, Yugioh, and Magic: the Gathering are all on my list of card games.

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