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    Default Babys R Us

    Okay has anyone shopped at BABIES R US?
    If so would it be awkward for me (17) to go?
    Is there even anything worth buying?

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    I went once (I think I was actually 17 then) but I didn't really find much that interested me. I'm not much of a TB/AB though, more of a DL.

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    Unless your a die hard TB/AB i wouldnt go there. It is a baby store so unless your into that dont go

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    i worked there, being 17 in todays society i would just think your a teen father/mother

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    I'd say just check out their website and see if there's anything that strikes your interest.

    I don't think it would be could always say you were there to pick up a gift for someone. (Baby shower, for younger sibling, for a friends' baby...the possibilities are endless if you're creative.)

    I don't know your situation, but it might be easier to just order online, but obviously some folks can't and that's alright.

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    I cant really order online and I am more of a DL than a TB

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    You could always just go and see if anything interests you, but since you're more of a DL you might not find much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azninvazn View Post
    I cant really order online and I am more of a DL than a TB
    Ah, I see. Then there probably wouldn't be much of interest there for you.

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    Not really akward, I hang around there all the time. Most people just assume your buying for either yours or someone else's baby.

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    If you still somewhat have a small body build, and you wanted to try baby diapers (size 6/7 etc) then you could check it out. I think they also might sell Goodnites and Underjams, but I'm not sure.

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