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Thread: Nerf guns, the dark side

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    Default Nerf guns, the dark side

    Was just tinkering with my Maverick and the thought occurred that no one's really mentioned them on here so, I recently bought my first one since i was a kid as I'm temping at a toy store and couldn't resist :P

    I noticed that a lot of people werent buying them for kids this year, at least 8 of the customers i spoke to were buying for their boyfriend, husband, close friend or themselves and on further questioning most were well over 25.

    Turns out after a bit of digging on the web that its taken on a new form as a cheaper rival to paintball or airsoft, so I got to thinking, are there any other ADISC members who collect or even modify Nerf guns?

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    I was never lucky enough to get a Nerf gun. I always wanted one, but alas, it never happened. I do think I'd get one and have some fun with it if there were other people in my area who were into playing with them.

    Honestly it's surprising to me that it's taken this long for it to come up as an alternative to paintball. It doesn't make as much of a mess and it seems more fun to lurk around shooting little foam balls at people. (or darts if that's your thing.)

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    I actually got some nerf guns from mah room mates for christmas. We've been attacking each other at random for days and its been a blast. We even came up with a drinking game :p I did modify one gun by removing a air supressor (sp) but nothing like what I've seen online. Great fun for everyone involved. I have a tommy 20 and a 6 shooter pistol. I modded my room mates rifle that has a 35 round barrel clip.

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    My friend has a gigantic collection of them. I only have one but it's a blast playing with a large group of people. We go to an elementary school at night and nerf it up.

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    I'm part of a team of people at my college that put on a 24/7 week long game of nerf tag on the campus...

    So yeah, I have a few.

    4 mavricks, 2 niteshits, 2 fireflys, 1 vulcan, 1 longstrike, and a double-shot from buzzbee.

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    I have a couple guns and still play occasionally with one of my good (non-DL) friends when we hang

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    And you have

    Quote Originally Posted by Babymullet Ver 9.8 View Post
    2 niteshits
    ? Haha, sorry, I had to...

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    I got my nephew (who is 5) the "maverick" for Christmas. I can see it breaking a window, or poking a eye out, as the darts fly with way more impact then I expected. It is no surprise to me that parents arnt buying them for there kids. It was a bad gift choice for a 5 year old (but he's not my kid )

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    I don't play with them anymore myself, but check this out.

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    I'm a hardcore paintballer and I think this is a fun alternative to paintball or airsoft. It’s cheap, does not make a mess, can be played inside your own home and the cops probably won’t shoot you if they see you with one (if you haven’t painted it). If you’re looking to do realistic stuff then this won't cut it for you, but like I said, it’s a fun alternative to the heavy duty stuff.

    Don’t forget super soakers, those things are pretty fun as well.

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    Great for keeping my wife's pet birds from perching where they shouldn't. They learned pretty quick. Now all I have to do is pick up the gun. No, I never actually shot at them, just near enough to get them excited. And no, they don't hate me.

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