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Thread: collecting swords

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    Default collecting swords

    i was wondering if anybody here liked to collect swords i think its fun and cool

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    I don't collect swords...But I would like to get a sword someday...I am a packrat though...And I have a good deal of cows <3

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    I don't collect swords either but I do collect die cast fire trucks. I have a very large collection of them. Mostly Code 3 Collectibles 1/64 scale and Corgi1/50 scale. I also have a few from Franklin Mint 1/32 scale.

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    I want to get my hands on a sword, but anways I collect knifes, dragons and eagles.

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    Yep, I collect swords. And knives.. as well as other things that can be swung, thrown, flailed or flung..

    I also collect coins and some types of Hot-Wheels.
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    My dad got me 3 real swords one time when I was about 7. >_> Yeah. My mom said they were too dangerous.

    I do collect coins, though.

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    I have one sword that my Mom bought me when we went to medevel times. Its awesome!

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    I've been wanting to start a collection for a whille now but a lack of money has stopped my quest. At the moment all I have is a pair of metal num chuks.

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    I collect coins, knives and Ferrari stuff. Mostly I actually use the knives I collect. I have a Ka-bar folder that I carry a lot. I also have a double-edged boot knife that I use as a letter opener. And then I have a Smith and Wesson knife that I bought at a gun show. Oh, and my official Boy Scout pocket knife that was given to me by my parents the night I earned the Arrow of Light(Cub Scouting highest honor).

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    Nope, I don't collect swords, although my mum had two (I think one of my brothers has them now.). I collect picture postcards, porcelain dolls, 1/12 scale miniatures (dollhouse stuff), and, of course, PLUSHIES...mostly bunnies although lately I've acquired a few more teddy bears. I also have a small collection of beanie babies which grows from time-to-time, basically whenever I see one I don't have at a second-hand shop or flea market for 50cents - 2 dollars (depending on the size) :-D

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