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    Hi all I really need your advice to help me with my problem I'm facing my life with about my parents and me being AB. I am 24-year-old I have to live with someone because my disability I have in my life since I was a baby.

    You see even those 24 years old I still got to live with my parents rules in life even with me being AB in life. They know about it since I was teen that found out about by accident with them catching me with baby thing in my room.

    They don't have problem with buying baby thing but they have never could have room like baby. Now I really want to be able to do my room like over growing baby room with cr5ib and all but it like they don't support it.

    Now sine you all been good friends to me since I been here I figure you all could help me. Many time my mom and dad never said would have problem if found out gay what I’m not in any way. But how do you thing I could get them to accept the full me in life to me being AB is like being cross dresser. This is just the way we are in like I mean if they can accept me being gat why not this.

    So do you thing I should tell them this is the way want live my life and it not really their choice sine I am 24 years old but in good way.I really want to live my life my way if don't I would regret it in the end being something I’m not in life because just who I am inside of me.

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    Well unfortunately it's their house so you do have to live by their rules and if they don't want a nursery in the house then you have to accept that. This is a lot bigger than being allowed to wear diapers or have baby clothes etc, you can't hide a nursery in a box under your bed. I'm guessing that your parents are worried about what other people will think if they saw your room as it would raise embarrassing questions that they don't want to answer. Living as a baby 24/7 is a great fantasy but incredibly impractical in real life, even more so in your case as you will be involving your parents who certainly don't want to participate.
    They let you participate in this lifestyle freely when they could easily forbid it, I say don't push your luck and just accept that there are some things you just cannot have.

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    When was the last time you talked about wanting a nursery? Sometimes parents get used to things over time, so if you asked years ago, it might make a difference to ask again.

    If they're already accepting, maybe be honest about how important it is to you?

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    I few years ago and I would not be AB all the time I got adult thing I need to do it would just be for my enjoyment for me some time and just be able to sleep in crib. I would not get changing table I don't see point onless you got someone changing you but I don't so would just like crib and baby board around the again like let have away back with pooh bear and freinds.

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    as mentioned before, A nursery is something that isn't exactly hidable. Even if they board it up when not in use or for guests, that would be kind of odd. Even if they could find a way to hide it, possibly convert the attic or something, whatever would work, I think that it would still be rather awkward, especially if they need to wake you up in the morning.

    Perhaps there could be a compromise? Perhaps you could keep the items you wish hidden, until you have a designated day that you can take care of it easily in the morning?

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    Well, well, well, there is a lot of replying to do here...

    For one thing, parents react to mental disabilities - even worse than physical ones - by coddling and infantilizing their kids, very often. By which I mean they overdo the caregiving, second-guessing your judgement, assuming anything out of the ordinary (ie non-mundane) is an expression of the disability. Consider yourself lucky they are accepting of you being gay. That is huge.

    Oh, my mistake... your profile says straight; I see what you meant now, that they would have been fine had you turned out gay...

    This is just the way we are in like I mean if they can accept me being gat why not this.
    At least they are accepting people; let's give them a break. Being gay and living life under their roof as an active adult baby are two different things. You say they don't support it... but if they are paying for your decor, driving you to get it, having opinions on how you spend money, helping you set it up... asking them to go further than just accepting and all the way to supporting it, it being after all more a part of your private life than the part of your life you share with the world, that is asking for a lot... Remember I am on your side and understand how important this is to you, and I cheer when I hear of people with a nursery who get to live the dream... I am just seeing it from their point of view.

    Your comparison with cross-dressing is apt... I can envision many parents who might be cool with a gay kid but not so much with a son on parade in sequins and lashes and high heels...

    They don't have problem with buying baby thing but they have never could have room like baby
    do you mean they don't have a problem with YOU buying baby things... or with THEM buying these things FOR YOU?

    Personally, though I am not ab, if I were, I would want to keep all buying and live rp well away from family, siblings and parents, both. And fursuiting, and any other unmandane stuff...

    I do get how the ab lifestyle is so consuming, if that is your bag. And if you don't get out much and your room is largely your world, and is one of the few corners of your universe you get to control and manage, that it is all the more important to you. Hang in there, is really all I can say, know we sympathise and wish we could help more...

    By the bye, it occurs to me it may not be that they so much disapprove of your ab side per se, but just that they would like to see you get out more, handle the real world better than retreat into your holo-deck-like fantasy space...
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    thabks for the advice.
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