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    Hi i was just doing a goggle search and i found this forum so i thort i'd better join cus i dont get to talk diapers very often. I first found i liked diapers when i was about four and have both liked and tryed to wear them ever since. I live on my own and have worn a diaper every night for about the last five years with the result that most nights i wet in my sleep. I have one realy good freind who i have confided in, if i didn't tell someone i was going to explode!. He's cool with it and we sometimes talk he's kind of by,sexual so we have some realy interesting conversations. As of yet iv'e not met another DL or AB in person and im not sure i'd want to but maybe i should,who knows it might even help.

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    Hey, yellothing. Welcome to ADISC!

    Gotta say i'm glad you've found someone to confide in, cos I agree it can really help. With that in mind, congrats on your wise decision to join, cos I've found that socialising and talking about it on here can make it easier to come to terms with

    Anyway, hope have a great time here

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    Welcome! Thanks for the intro telling a little about yourself. You should find plenty of members you can relate to on the forums. Enjoy!


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    Please feel free to post and check out the Wiki and chat.

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    Hello! Is your thing really yellow? Ha just wondering.

    Have fun on the forums!

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    Hey yellowthing welcome and cute avatar! I know how refreshing it is to tell someone - I confided in my best friend but we don't talk about it much. Hope to see you posting!

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