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Thread: Just bought goodnights for girls

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    Default Just bought goodnights for girls

    Well I just bought me a package of the girls goodnights this will benthe first time trying them. For anyone who knows please tell me how the absorbency is with them. I bought the girl ones because I had read on another post where they are suppose to be better for boys because the pad is in front more so please let me know.

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    Hey 21 I have personally tried both and I think that the girls Goodnites do work better. This is true because once us guys get older the landing zone is more in the middle of the diaper rather than the front. The girls Goodnites put more padding in the middle. Hope this helps! :p

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    That does help thank you. My normal diaper is a size 7 pamper cruiser but I'm out and the stores around mending carry them so I have to order them plus I wanted to try them. Next I wanna try the underjams.

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    hmm, guys preferring girls diapers... this is not unusual. One of the (many) reasons I have heard is that we are sooo concerned with what the cashier is thinking... that we feel they won't guess the things are for us... or at least not for us BECAUSE WE LIKE THEM. Somehow it seems better if they think they're for need, costuming, gifts, the kids we have at our tender years, or any reason other than the way they make us feel..

    Oh yeah: there are plenty of straight cross-dressers out there (I could name one or two but wouldn't) - and many people who are ab/tb (I, sadly, am simply dl and don't get to indulge myself as far as the lucky ageplayers) cross-dress in their ageplay rp.

    In my day, there were no gender-specific diapers, though of course cloth or plastic pants could have a boy or girl-centric print. That may have something to do with attraction for you youngsters toward girl or boy diapers.

    I say best of luck with the underjams... and tell us - do- how your first depend (or bambino or whichever adult kind you get your mitts on works for you... But do try a "proper" kind asap, many who do say it is the best thing ever and they regret putting off the experience...

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    WHy was this thread in the introduction forum? You'Ve already posted a thread there. *moves to DiaperTalk forum*

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    the goodnights are *ok* but not great in the absorbency area. but they are cute with the prints at least

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    Goodnites are cute and absorb OK but try to wet it slowly as flooding can lead to leaking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xolyshaxo View Post
    Goodnites are cute and absorb OK but try to wet it slowly as flooding can lead to leaking.
    Yup exactly, you can really *floood* them because they can leak..just take it slow :3

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    Thank you everyone for the advice. And idk if I will try the bambinos or adult diaper because from what I have read they are big and bulky and I'm trying to stay as discrete as much as possiable do to me living with my parents still. Plus I would like to try a d stay in a baby diaper since I do fit in the pamper cruisers size 7.

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    Keep us posted on hoe the girls ones work out for you

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