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Thread: Just a Hello!

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    Default Just a Hello!

    I don't have access to this when I'm at school but I've missed it. Christmas was great I hope everyone else's was great too!

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    Ah in writing this I forgot to actually introduce myself. I go to school in VT and you guys are the only ones who know about my diaper curiousness. I really love Harry Potter and I play violin. Any questions just ask!

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    welcome there newgirl... what will we call you when you have a thousand posts, a zillion friends and are at your salary cap?

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    I guess then it will be a sort of joke within the community. I have a weird sense of humor like that. Or you could just call me Lex.

    I love to sing, act, read, write, contra dance and do barn chores.

    Hello and Welcome

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    Quote Originally Posted by newgirl View Post
    I love to sing, act, read, write, contra dance and do barn chores.
    Welcome, newgirl! I love to act, sing, and write music as well I play the guitar, drums bass, harmonica, piano, and I even beatbox. Have you ever been in any theater productions?

    Enjoy your stay here

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    Glad to see a Harry Potter fan! Got any favorite characters? The latest motion picture was soooo great.

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