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Thread: Anyone want large Attends 10s?

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    Default Anyone want large Attends 10s?

    Hey all.

    I've got two packs of size Large Attends 10 diapers taking up space in my closet. They're blue colored with four tapes. Honestly they ain't the greatest out there. I got half off a case of them so I had to try it out... regreting that now.

    Anyone want them before I toss them in the trash?

    PM me.

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    They're on a par with store brands... nothing exceptional here...

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    I will take them if you want to ship them, I will pay whatever the shipping is, just let me know....B

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    The two cases of diapers my dad got for me were Attends 10, this was back when attends were still pretty good. Anyways wearing two at a time is pretty worth it, I never leaked even if there was no leg cuffs. I did put them on pretty tight to make sure the legs wouldn't leak at the time.

    Anyways I don't wear large.
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    Just an FYI... I'm sending them to Ballucanb.

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    Your spoiled Darkfinn haha. I just wanted to stay attends are not the greatest thing your right, but I think they are better than the credit your giving them for. They are like a small step above Depends Maxium Absorbancy Briefs.

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    Attends certainly have gone down hill. Attends were my first disposable diaper that I ever purchased. This was back in the mid 80's and at that time they were great. Now I would only get them as a last resort.


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    Quite true guys... the attends of the 90's and early 2000's were awesome. When they changed them in 04 it sucked big time... I so wish they would go back.

    I am back in Attends as it is... dispite their faults I still find that they are a quality diaper for daytime use. I haven't had any more of them come apart on me like I did with the last case... which is a relif.

    Their capacity is adequate... and they are thin enough to be cool and comfortable under clothing, though I find that they tend to sag when wet so I always wear underwear over them.

    I put one on in the morning before heading to work... about 7AM... and it is typically pretty full by 12-1PM when I take lunch... so I change then. I change into a Secure at 6-ish when I get home from work... and that generally lasts me through the night.

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