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Thread: Hey new teen diaper lover from Kansas

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    Default Hey new teen diaper lover from Kansas

    Hey my name is lordscion(screen name) I'm new to this forum and this is my first time telling anyone about my love of diapers. Ive read some of the threads here and I decided to finally post. It feels so good to know that there are other great people like you guys that have the same interests. Thanks for the time everyone!

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    I was shy at first too, and while I told no lies, I was very, very circumspect... and revealed who I am and things of my past shyly and slowly. Over time I grew to trust the site, its security (important for keeping our secrets and respecting our privacy) and I grew to believe that the site is a loving, nurturing environment in which we can grow, express ourselves, and get to know other members at our own pace - and at theirs. It takes a while to feel safe to remove one's mask... and it is unwise at any rate to come in from the cold too too quickly or too easily...

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    Thanks raccoon for so many years I've wondered why I love diapers but I've grown to accept diapers and who I am. And I have a great normal life too. Being 6' 4" I love basketball and I've been rraly good at that for years.

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