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    Hey guys I plan on buying me some tranqulity diapers! So stoked btw.

    My question is has anybody used them and are they any good? Also will they fit my fat butt im a 34 waist.

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    tranquility, which products though? the ATN is a really good one if your going for them.

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    Your link didn't work for me but it appeared to be for youth products. I'd recomend the adult ATNs in medium. I'm in one tonight, I'm 6' 175lb 34-36 waist and they fit well. They are a good buy, inexpensive, good capacity, rub the blue taped down well and they won't slip. The white tapes lock down solid. I have tried a lot and would put the #4 behind 24/7, Abena M-4, Mollicare Super Plus. I get mine from North Shore Care.

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    Thnaks I appreciate it

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    could i wear a 32 and still be comfortable?

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    Yeah I don't think you would fit into youth sized tranquility diapers. I have and use tranquility ATNs (with my 34" waist, I wear mediums) and really like them--they hold a lot and are pretty comfortable. I think you'll like them too!

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    thanks guys thats what i bough they look thick ,and i can wear for a few bathroom trips, i got a 32 but they should streach I hope.

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