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Thread: What kind of parent are you going to be?

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    Default What kind of parent are you going to be?

    So what kind of parent will you be when you have kids?

    I will be the awesome parent who is chill as hell. I'm going to be supportive if my kid is gay or what ever, I shall understand that they are different than me, and I shall purchase weed for them safely when they get curious. The last thing I want is for my kid to be arrested for trying to buy drugs that shouldn't be illegal anyways. I'll tell him to make sure to swallow the smoke so he will never touch the shit again. But like I can't tell you how much I wish I could be out of the closet some days. I would never tell my parents shit because they are so uptight that they won't even laugh at extremely funny sex jokes or an expertly placed "That's what she said".

    SO what kind of parent will you be?

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    I hope to be a parent with firm behaviour boundaries, I want the child to know what's acceptable behaviour and to expect punishment for knowingly disregarding the rules. I don't want to be overly strict though, I'll reward good behaviour as much as I punish bad. I hope to provide my children with more than I had myself without spoiling them rotten. And as way of living my fantasy through them I'll let them grow up at their own speed, without pushing traits onto them, and give them the freedom to choose their own path in life by giving them an androgynous name and letting them choose their own gender as they grow up. Finally, and with some luck I'll bring my children into a world that's far more accepting of quirks than the one we currently live in.

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    I'll be a moderately strict one, but beyond that no real plans. Well, except for names. If I end up with daughters someday, they're getting named Ezri and Prynn; for my own geeky amusement.

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    Unfortunately, when I approach this question realistically, I'm probably going to be an awful parent. I am very upset with the way most people act nowadays, their nigh complete lack of courtesy, respect, and responsibility. I don't want my kids to be like that, but it would be impossible to shelter them from it realistically, and if I did, my kids would be without means to cope the way things really are.

    I have a zero-tolerance policy about a lot of things, but I would probably never have the heart to punish my kids appropriately. I would be accepting of whoever they want to be, except if they want to be an asshole without manners and common sense.

    *sigh* I wish responsibility was genetic.

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    If I ever become a Father I will raise my kids the way I see fit and will teach them to treat others with respect. I will give discipline when appropriate and praise and rewards when they do good in school and even help out the community in other ways. I will support them, love them, and pray they receive a better life than me. I have little tolerance for disobedience from kids but I keep my mouth shut when they're other peoples kids except my sister's. My kids probably won't like some of the things I make them do and take away from them when they get into trouble, but they will respect me and their Mother. If they turn out to have an attraction towards the same sex or even diapers, or any other kinks they may have, I will still treat them and support them the same way.

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    I hope to be a responsible parent but also a parent that has the same traits as you Grizzy. But we have to ask ourselves. Would OUR parents acted the way we hope to be if it wasn't for all the stress of having the child and looking after it? My parents told me that they would have been more relaxed with the situation of me and my sister of we behaved. So could it not be the parents but the children that cause the parents to act strict and make the child feel insecure. Because that is how I feel around my parents.

    I'm actually half and half. I can trust my parents yet at times I feel like they are going to rip my head off. I hope to be the kind of parent that my children can trust but will also respect discipline when appropriate. And also the traits from Grizzy.

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    Although free spirited and liberal in my personal attitude and habits, I plan on administering a more conservative approach when I become a parent, without invalidating my own moral beliefs.

    The essence of a good parent, a wise teacher told me, lies in trust. You TRUST your kid to come back at 11, you TRUST it not to get ridiculously s***faced on alcohol, while of course having warned and taught your kid about certain facts. I will obviously instill and insist on certain things -Getting drunk is bad, staying up WAY too late is bad, etc etc- but I do not plan on being a nuisance. If the message does not get across and my trust is breached, penalties will appear (''You came back 1 when I told you to be back 11? You're grounded''). From the moment a penalty is lifted, An attempt to re-build our trusting can resume. I hope not to look upon previous flaws as unfixable (e.g 'You came back home 3 o clock and high, I cannot ever believe you again' = No.)

    I will most likely be open to homosexuality, if my kid is gay. Love, in my opinion, is love, no matter what gender the other person is.

    I am and wish to remain open minded about drugs & alcohol. I will not let my kid smoke marijuana unless he turns 18, ergo, is fully responsible for himself, due to the shady legality and nature of it in my country. If he attempts any other drug and I learn about it, I will do my best to pull him out of the mess he got himself into. If he wishes to smoke tobacco, I will obviously warn him about the dangers, but after that, as long as he's over 16 (in my book that's about right), he might aswell. Alcohol? Sure, bring it on. Just, please, with measure and care. No drunks in my household, thanks.

    Aand, that sums most things I can think of. Of course, being a parent has MANY other factors, and daily details that slip the mind of a non-parent, but I shall cross that bridge when -and should- I get there : P

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    ha! what kind of parent AM I going to be? I won't... but if by some miracle I did have a child, I'd be a horrible parent. my kid would wind up as selfish and thoughtless as I am. they'd be society's worst nightmare and they'd likely never make anything of themself. furthermore, I get way too frustrated to make a decent parent.
    the only real thing that I know I would do right is that I'd always support my child... they could be anything they wanted to be and they couldn't possible commit more social crimes than I have. I suppose I'd be disappointed if my child turned out "normal"... but what is normalcy anyway? (and besides, I doubt with my genes and the environment I'd raise them in, my child could be a normal child)
    honestly, unless we lived far away from civilization, I'd have my child taken away for a number of reasons anyway... even if I wanted to have a child, I would never want to be a parent in this world we live in. I'm still a child myself anyway and I probably always will be. children raising children is never a good thing.

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    They will be raised with respect. They will most likely be a gamer, like myself, so before they touch shit.. they are getting an N64, first.

    And I swear to That Man, if he tries to act like a "Gangsta"..!

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