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Thread: Take a Moment to Imagen a Leprechaun Baby

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    Default Take a Moment to Imagen a Leprechaun Baby

    What did you imagine? Personally I thought of a smurf sized baby

    What's up. My name is FindMeCharms, the most common nickname people go with is just Charms. I am a rather open and honest person because I don't give a crap what other people think. Sadly though this is my only secret. That is until i find that special person that enjoys it to, then everyone is gonna get a fun shock during the holidays.
    I am currently in College looking to major in CGI. I have started learning on my own over the pass few weeks spent a good amount of time on a Production logo that I'd like to use to "stamp" my work. Also working on an animated music video. For those that would like to see it just look for FindMeCharms on youtube. Its not done yet and will probably take awhile. Also, it involves Sora no Otoshimono for those that know anime. (making use of the ecchi in it )

    I am a chat mod over at for those of you that enjoy anime stop by and say hi. I am quite open about what I tell people in that chat. Ex: I am considered a pedo over there because I think Loli is adorable. For those that don't know loli. It means a girl that looks underage. BUT since that can refer to real life too me and a buddy have coined the term Lolime meaning To like anime loli, not real life. Cause let's face it anime loli is SUPPOSE to look adorable So...not a pedo just like adorable looking things. People will probably "Troll" you on occasion but that's the internet for you. If your open enough to want to talk about your love of diapers in there by all means I'll back you up if I'm online. They don't know that I like them so, It'd be a fun conversation.
    I have 2 missions for my life. 1 is to be famous enough to be followed around by paparazzi, because unlike other people I'd love to make myself look ridiculous. They'd be payed more to take pics of me being serious then they would of me doing something stupid. The other is to own my business and have enough money to buy an island and build a resort or hotel w/e on it and take the employees on all expense payed vacations.

    Well, that was a very long introduction, but now you know what I'm about. I will see you around. I leave you now with this quote of my own design: "The only wishes that come true are the opportunities you make yourself."

    P.s. that intro probably left you asking one question. Ans: I'm a guy.

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    Welcome Charms,

    That's one hell of an intro . I'm a fan of anime my self, although I've only been at it 18 months and not really watched any series without prompting from my university friends ^_^ do you have any recommendations? I'd love to be ahead of them for once.

    I wish you luck in getting properly rich and famous, it'd be wonderful to see a celeb with the *B/DL dream.

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    I will race you to being able to own an island. XD

    Awesome intro, and welcome to the forums. ^^

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    3D Modelling FTW! Say that in your "about me"

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    Soraoto! Did you get a chance to see Forte? I wish it was 26 episodes instead of 13, there's so much more story to tell! At least the movie will be coming soon.

    Judging by your YT profile, I'd say you like Ikaros? Chaos is my favorite, she's so little and cute. If you know of yandere/yangire, I love that type very much. :3

    As someone else who is lolicon (I want to become the best artist for them possible!) it is definitely hard for some people to understand it. Fortunately, there are big communities of people who like them, who will treat you well. For me, I don't want to do anything strange to them, I want to be one myself... and maybe be surrounded by friends who are also them. :3

    Oh, meant to ask! Are you a Touhou fan too?

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    Good intro, welcome to ADISC!

    You may want to have a different user name on ADISC (than you are using on other sites) if you wish to keep this aspect of your life private from the rest of the internet.

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