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Thread: UTI - ugh...

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    Default UTI - ugh...

    I consider myself fortunate but simultaneously annoyed. All day yesterday I had the "run for it" urges with the hardly anything streams. Knowing how I sleep (like the dead) I figured I'd spare the bed and strap on an X-Plus, just in case.

    Sure enough, I woke up this morning nearly flooded. Thankfully, since my kid was here, I woke up at 6am (it's a miracle if you get him out of bed at 7 on school days, never mind weekends) and was able to get rid of it before anything embarassing happened.

    Being normally continent, I feel like I got a tiny glimpse of what you folks deal with on a daily basis, and it sucked. Having to wear because you HAVE to wear definitely imparts a different emotion on the situation.

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    Good to know that you ended up prepared in the end. Just watch for if it happens often, don't want to end up going to the doctor and finding out something bad or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aero View Post
    Good to know that you ended up prepared in the end. Just watch for if it happens often, don't want to end up going to the doctor and finding out something bad or anything.
    First one I've ever had, so I'm not really worried about a chronic component.

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    Day 2.5 and now I'm wearing all day because of the post-void dribbles. Drinking cranberry all day yesterday, will be doing so today as well, lots of fun (NOT)...

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    Uti is nothing to play around with...

    Did you see doctor at all?

    Id go in just to have checked out...

    Could be a bit more than you think...friend got uti...foundnout it was a stone that cut up some rather bad things...friend wentmin and the blasted like four more stones that would haven caused more issues later....

    Just saying might want to have a look by a dr...

    My two cents...
    P.s. I'm not one that runs to the dr every time there an issue...but if this is something you never had before something might have changed and that could be an issue

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    yeah i have had so many uti's bladder infections and kidney infections.....i lost count a long time fact i just got over a kidney infection less than a month ago....when the infection starts in the bladder or urinary tract and hits the kidneys its some of the worst pain u can experience....if u experience any kidney pain what so ever you should see a doctor pretty quickly...

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    Nah, I hit the cranberry juice hard and it was over in a couple days. If it had ever actually gotten painful, I would have gone to the doc. It was just annoying for 3 days, fortunately.

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    I tried toughing it out once, and just drinking cranberry juice, I woke up the next morning pissing mainly blood, was not fun, Id recommend just going straight to the doctor.

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    Cranberry juice is only a pain reliever, it does nothing to get rid of the problem completely. Like it was suggest you're better off going to the doctor in cases like this. They will put you on antibiotics to break up any stones if you have them and get your system feeling healthy again. There's also a shot of penicillin that unfortunately goes into your ass that is suppose to help with things too. Point is UTI's are not something you can predict just how serious your case is and for all you know you could be making it worse by trying to play doctor yourself.

    I only stand on these grounds because I've had my share of them before and learned the proper way to deal with them through that horrid experience.

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    My doc gives me Ciprofloxacin and Uroxatral. It knocks out my UTI's really quick (like within a 1 to 1.5 days I will feel 'normal'). The Uroxatrol is pretty much a constant from severe BPH and I get lots of UTI's from it. Then comes the Cipro. *if you can, try to get the strawberry flavor ones the horse pills taste YUKK!*
    Funny thing about Cipro is it's also used to treat anthrax so it's good stuff! lol

    To answer anyone up front because the last time I mentioned this I got tons of questions about BPH so here is a pretty good explanation.

    Also the red shows my personal experience. If you combine BPH with nerve damage so there's no feeling of which is doing what they it should give an idea of what I have.
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    Eww! Maybe I'm just lucky (or the fact I have an Iron Bladder - I can hold it for small eternities) but I've never had this problem when I've had UTI's.
    I've had knee-gripping pain when voiding, that gross burning, and the feeling of urgency, but it's never caused me any kind of continence issues!

    I hate antibiotics and won't take them unless absolutely necessary, so I tend to self-treat and drink lots of water (Orange Juice seems to help me! Also, Blueberry Pomegranate V8 Fusion.. for some reason.) Once I had a kidney infection which happened because I was very ill before that, THAT I went to the doctor for, and took antibiotics.

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