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    Well OK M-4 since true and most awesome X-Pluses are a thing of the past. Alone (again) for the holiday with nowhere to go all day I set a new diapered record for myself. I put on an M-4 at 9:00PM local time Christmas eve and wore it until 5:00PM Christmas Day, something like 20 hours. I know there are many of you who do log longer hours on a regular basis but it was a new to me. I wont describe the state of the diaper when I took it off beyond "well used " but it hung in there with no leaks.
    Kinda pathetic, I know but it got me through another depressing holiday.
    I hope there was something good in all of yours!


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    I like the thread title. Hopefully after another week of seasonal work, I'll have enough extra cash to throw at some Abenas and boosters.

    Also, that's a pretty long time- and probably longer than I've ever gone in one!

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    That's alot longer then I'd ever do, lol. The nice thing about Abena's is that they are worth the money, and very reliable.

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    I agree with dldaddy, quite a clever title. Grabbed my attention =p

    I think that requires a "gratz." So gratz on accomplishing that. I'm not sure what the longest I've gone in one diaper is...probably not 20 hours.

    Nicely done. ^_^

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