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Thread: Christmas disaster.

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    Default Christmas disaster.

    OK, I have just decided that my mother is batshit insane.

    Why is that?

    She decided it would be a good idea to pull out "truth or dare" cards - AT A FUCKING FAMILY GATHERING!

    Everybody in the room was embarrassed, except for her, and since it's her house, everybody just went along with it reluctantly. She was the only person who was having any fun with it whatsoever.

    Even worse, the person next to me got the truth, "Who would the person next to you want to date more than anybody else?" And she just blurted out "Orlando Bloom". Yeah, that would have been perfectly fine if it were not for the fact that I have purposely kept my homosexuality hidden from half the people in that room for all of my life, and now it's out in the fucking open.

    And nobody at this gathering understands why I am so fucking pissed off about this. Nobody.

    I am going to lock myself in this office, blast music through my headphones, and wait until my ride is ready to leave. Fuck this, I'm through with this Christmas gathering.

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    Oh, that really sucks! Sorry to hear it! Although I want to, I just can't really come up with anything better to say about it... At least I do understand why you are pissed off.

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    I am sorry to hear that you have been 'outed' and can understand your anger - thats a difficult situation. I too have had a terrible Christmas (day) and am still very upset with it. My son buys a (joint) present for me and my wife . It obvioulsy cost a lot of money. My wife immediately says she hates it and was obviously bought with me in mind and not her. It was like a leaving present (which he had planned for ages) from him as he is soon to leave home - he like me was broken hearted. She acts like a deamon for the rest of the day and is like it again today (Boxing day) This is not the first time this sort of thing has happend - it make me very sad.

    I hope your situation soon resolves it's self if that is possible.

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    Damn... That sucks! Sorry that happened to you!

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    What the crap is that?! Seriously, that person needs a freaking slap upside the head! Why in the world did he/she think they had the right to out you like that? That's serious BS and I'm sorry that had to happen to you. It pisses me off and I'm don't even know you.

    Hope this person figures out what an idiotic and insensitive move that was, feels bad about it, and apologizes to you at the very least.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about this...I wish that I could give you a simple harmless, caring hug..(warning I like to hug)...

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    Wow, so much bad luck right during Christmas. ;_; Hope that when time passes they're a little more willing to listen to you. It's a legitimate thing to be frustrated about, your not in the wrong no matter what somebody says.

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    Add in the fact that my younger sister spent all Christmas high on drugs - and that my mother dictated that nobody confront her about it, thus enabling her insane behavior all Christmas Eve and Christmas - and that made things a lot more chaotic.

    Seriously, my sister was freaking out the entire holiday, because of whatever she was on.

    Between my sister and my mother, this was easily the worst Christmas holiday I had ever experienced.

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    I have decided to block my mother's and my sister's phone numbers on my phone.

    I also am not going to cash the check my mother wrote for me as a Christmas gift.

    I want nothing more from them. I think they have done quite enough for me in this lifetime. Those stupid fucking cunts that they are.

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    Butterfly Mage


    That just plain sucks. I am sorry that your family is screwed up.

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