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Thread: Christmas wisdom.

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    Default Christmas wisdom.

    Looks like I'll be getting some teeth for Christmas...and they are starting to HURT

    maybe that's why I've felt horrible for the past 2 days...
    ANYWAYS merry Christmas! other than my unexpected gifts everything is great...

    Oh might as well ask while I'm here: Does getting them pulled hurt? Does it hurt afterwards? Do they just put you to sleep?

    Again i wish all of you a merry Christmas.

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    Wisdom teeth? They do just knock a lot of people out for that procedure... it'll hurt afterward like any surgery, but mouth wounds always heal the fastest, so it won't be for too long. I haven't had mine out yet, but a friend just did a few weeks ago. I'm getting more in too though, it seems, so maybe I'm the next lucky contestant xD

    Happy christmas though! Hope you feel better soon.

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