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Thread: what do you when you get sick?

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    Default what do you when you get sick?

    So, I woke up a few minutes ago, and I had to run and praise the porcelain prince. Holding back the nausea, I started my emergency prep to beat this. (2x tylenol, 4x pepto bismol chewables) I'm curious what everyone else does for when they are sick, to feel better in the usual sense, and to feel better in the "God I feel awful" sense.
    I usually have a medicine cabinet that's way too full for whatever hits me, but then I'll get diapered and watch cartoons all day. so, how do you all cure what ails you?

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    I am not one to take anything. Persnoaly I role back over and go to sleep. If I am go sick for that, two Advil and PM will be best for the sleeping thing.

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    I just mope around the house all day feeling like I've just had the worse day in the world.

    I think beyond that, I get all demanding and needy. You know, the whole "I'm sick and can't do stuff for myself... BECAUSE I'M SICK!" routine.

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    I make everyone around me feel bad. For serious, I get extremely angry when I'm sick, because I'm sick and everyone else isn't... so I get really beeotchy. I generally sleep, though... then I get my mom to buy me stuff. Like LG, I'm not one to take stuff when I don't need it. I will take some Ibuprofen when I get really bad, but that's about it.

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    It depends on how sick I am...If it's just a cold...Or anything where I'm not throwing up, then I just go on with my day like nothing is wrong...I don't mind being taken care of, but I like to do things myself, and I don't like people all worrying about me...If I'm like throwing up, then I'll just lay somewhere and sleep or watch tv or something...Usually if I'm throwing up, I don't eat anything that day and I rarely drink anything, since I don't like throwing up, and I don't want all this stuff going in to be coming back out anytime soon...I've never thrown up in a toilet though...Even one time when I was in the bathroom and I felt the need to throw up, I just did it all over the floor >.>

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    I threw up twice in my life, once from a food that didn't agree with me, and once from alcohol (should have stuck to beer).

    After the sick feeling is gone, I just went on with what I was doing.

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    Dude, are you ready for an awesome story? It really maxes out the AWESOME meter, so be prepared to be jealous.

    I hate throwing up, so one time, I kept refusing to do it when the urge came. I put it off for two days. Then, I somehow managed to shit out vomit. It was great. I'll leave out the fine details, but I fist-pumped myself in congratulations.

    In all seriousness, I suck on an ice-cube if I get thirsty. When my stomach begins to settle itself, I'll consume light things (unsweetened tea, unbuttered toast, flat ginger-ale). Stay away from heavy, opaque fluids such as orange juice and milk.

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    You know what works good if you feel sick to your stomach, try eating or just sucking on any pepermint candy like breathsavers or lifesavers.

    The pepermint settels your stomach quickly, without the use of any meds, just don't eat too many breathsavers, they are made with nutrisweet, and chewing on a pack of those will put you in need of a diaper or a toilet in about a 1/2 hour.

    Any candy made for diabetics will have the same effect, they will shoot right thru you.

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    Depends, ballucanb. I don't like sugar, I buy a lot of sweetened things, and in my coffee, I use sweetener... doesn't make me go to the bathroom, if anything it backs me up.

    &Rance... teach me!

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    That is extreme awesomeness Rance...I find that Saltines are good for your stomach when you're sick

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