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Thread: Question for people from only please

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    Question Question for people from only please

    Hey is it me or is the "Girl:Guy" ratio higher here on adisc, than

    Why do you think this is so?

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    I'm going to reply anyways (though I was on for a brief time years back) I'd gather its because its a fairly well run community and as the population increases and the word gets out more girls will move to the 'safe' environment.

    Just my opinion anyways, it could just be random chance too

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    We are at broader range then before, TBDL used to be all teenage boys saved from deeker >_> at least I think.

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    There are more girls on ADISC than were ever on TBDL... but I also think we are seeing a lot more of them b/c they are more active now and are finally coming out of the shadows.

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    I think changing the title of the site has removed a lot of the assumptions about being primarily a fetish/sexual site.

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    It does appear to be a greater ratio, which kinda speaks more about the forum and its openness.

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    Well I was active for a while back on TBDL (Actually made it to VIP if I'm not mistaken, then left, and only came back for a few weeks right before it closed) but I'm a LOT more active here. Guess I just like it better that I came here at the beginning and I was on the same level as everyone else, opposed to going to an already established site with all the old times with thousands of posts etc...

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    There are a lot more girls here now than on TBDL. No real idea why, though. XD;

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