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Thread: Who has a jailbroken ipod/iphone?

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    Default Who has a jailbroken ipod/iphone?

    I jailbroke mine about 2 months back and im very happy with it, specially installous and sinfuliphone :3

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    I have two iPhones, both 32gb 3GS's, both with iOS 4.2.1. One is factory unlocked, the other is still in indentured servitude to AT&T (ever notice their logo looks like the Death Star?).

    Anyway, I'd like to jailbreak and unlock the one phone, but the latest OS makes this a tricky proposition... Bummer...

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    I have a jailbroken iPod touch 3G 32gb. Jailbroke it for all the tweaks and mods like barrel, graviboard, custom carrier and especially the skins. I wouldn't promote jailbreaking it for installous And sinful since the go out and promote craked apps and that's taking buisness away from small time developers that live of their apps getting sold.

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    I have the iPhone 4. I had it jailbroken for a while, but it wasn't really that useful for me to have it jailbroken. All the apps I needed/use I had already originally paid for. Not really into the customizing, but I do think its pretty amazing

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    I have a Jail broken IPOD I jail broke it because even though it is supposed to be a 3rd gen model it is one of the earlier ones apparently and it runs the 2gen OS so no multitasking. I got pissed and broke it and life is good

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    My iPhone 4 is about as opened as it gets. Did the jailbreak and the carrier unlock too. All my fonts are different, I use one of the programs to make multitasking better, and have MyWi installed to make the phone a portable hotspot. It's a hundred times more useful jailbroken. :3

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    Ive got a ipod touch 2g thats jail broken so i can enable programs and abilities on it that would otherwise be unavailable to me. any good apps that i like i still pay for.

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