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Thread: THE OFFICIAL 2010 "What Did You Get for Christmas" Thread!!

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    Default THE OFFICIAL 2010 "What Did You Get for Christmas" Thread!!

    It's about 12:45 here in Ohio, and dammit I can't sleep! What I want to know in the morning and days following is what you got for Christmas!

    Obviously, you can post anything and everything you got or bought, but you'll get a >/-GOLD STAR-\< if it's TB related! Who doesn't like gold star stickers?

    Personally, I only know of one of my gifts so far as of Christmas Eve, World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Collector's edition (which I picked out myself )


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    i got World of Warcraft Cataclysm: Collector's edition to but i got it on the 7th i really having a good time with.
    but it didnt feel like xmas eve for me

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    Got a custom sterling dog tag for home wear after the service, one of those eco friendly vapor water bottles, and some plain white socks. Mainly just stuff I can use before/after/in the service.

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    I got a Milwaukee Job site radio so far. It's cool because it works off my drill batteries, and has a weather proof compartment to put my iPod in.

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    Im getting a full metal full auto co2 scar and money!

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    From what I can tell(and what was on my list) I'm getting video games, a lot of video games :p There's one thing I didn't add to my list that I feel like I should've, and that's World of Warcraft: Cataclysm(what am I the third person to want/get this? lol).

    And I can't sleep either... That's always been the case for me for years on Christmas Eve :p

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    I got a ps3, FIFA 10,madden 10, MLB the show 10, assassins creed, uncharted, little big planet...
    Long sleeve tee, Vans,

    Will add more later cuz that's what I've opened so far.

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    I'm pretty sure I'm going to be opening a package with the contents of one Nikon Coolpix L110 Superzoom Camera But that's about 8-9 hrs from now, considering it's still about 2 in the morning here xD

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    -2 $25 Gamestop cards
    -2 Wal-Mart cards, unknown amount of moolah
    -2 pocket knives. (...So many two's)
    -A PSP, I believe. It better not be the Go version!
    -BFBC2: Ultimate Edition. I hope! I never know what my father is capable of..
    -A camera. Unsure what kind.. I shall see in 6 hours when we open things!

    Moar to coooome! MOAR!

    I'll repost or edit, depending on where my post is, of what else I got.

    Happy Hawlidayzz

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