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Thread: VICTORY for the environment.. and my Uni.

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    Default VICTORY for the environment.. and my Uni.

    Aussie plug-in hybrid car unveiled

    Aussie plug-in hybrid car unveiled
    13:46 AEST Thu Jun 12 200810 hours 12 minutes agoVIEWS: 0| FLOCKS: 0| 0 comments so far
    A car of the future, which can be charged from a household power point, has been unveiled in Melbourne.

    The vehicle was converted into a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) by an Australian university team.

    The green car, which can be charged directly from the domestic power grid, was shown off by green company Szencorp and Sydney's University of Technology (UTS).
    The PHEV uses a converted Toyota Prius, fitted with extra batteries for greater storage and a power socket so it can be charged directly from the grid.

    Chris Dunstan, UTS project director, said the PHEV could offer not only much lower fuel bills but also the flexibility of storing wind power and solar energy at times.

    "Plug-in hybrid cars have the potential to revolutionise not only how we drive but how we generate and use electricity in our homes and workplaces," Mr Dunstan said.

    "This car heralds a not-too-distant future where householders will charge up their cars from solar panels on their roof and then pump surplus power from their car back into the grid on days of high peak power demand.

    "If charged up on renewable energy, the PHEV can dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as it can run on electricity for over 30 kilometres, the average daily commute of many Australian motorists.

    "For longer trips, it simply switches back to normal hybrid operation," he said.

    The converted car combines attributes of electric cars that costs less to run than petrol vehicles, while using renewable energy, with the efficiency of hybrid vehicles that can travel up to 1,000 kilometres without refuelling.

    It can be charged from a normal household power point.

    Toyota this week announced it would start producing hybrid Camrys at its Melbourne plant, with the first cars due to roll off the production line in early 2010.

    And US motor giant General Motors recently announced the 2010 start of production for its Volt plug-in electric car and hasn't ruled out selling the car in Australia.

    note.. they had already made note of this stuff on campus, just got a warmfuzzy feelin that it was on the nineMsn site (channel 9 is a major tv channel in australia) also interesting to note the UTS is right opposite the main building for the ABC (australian broadcasting corperation)

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    Well the idea of changing is good, though in a lot of nations that are in need of this it will only cause problems. Did it mention if there is going to be a new energy system to produse this power? Power production is not the most eco friendly thing out there. Many are still Coal, or some other polutant. Solor is only good on the small scale for most, and Geo (my choice) has not been looked at enough by most GOvernments. Hydro is alsome, but the environment will be distroyed when you flood the houndreds or thousands of acres.

    It is a good step for the areas that have figured out there power issue, though the rest are too far behind to make the Carbin Footprint much smaller.

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    I remember hearing about it on the news and all that, Its a pretty cool thing too do. Though I'm a strong believer in the world conspiracy against hybrid cars and new fuels which blocked this from happening a lot earlier. But with all the panic about global warming and fuel prices getting higher and higher (another conspiracy to discourage people from driving making less greenhouse gases) all cars will go to hybrid in the near future (a lot faster if they didn't make so many of them fugly :P)

    Make me a sexy sleek car that runs on a power point or hydro or solar power and I'd buy one

    Edit: Aussie is primarily hydro powered (off the top of my head) and we even have quite a few wind plants. I agree with you though on a lot of countries having power issues with nuclear and coal power etc. But really they have to be prepared to move into more eco-friendly power sources to combat global warming in the long run anyways.
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    That is just it, right now, of the top countries in the world, Assies have it right. They were (the last time I cheaked) leaving the smallest Carbin footprint. I have no problem with this car being used there, or any other place that the power issue is solved. THough this car should not be sent in mass to somwere that is causing more dammage by making that power then using Gas.

    and is there a Conspiricy ( a word I hate), I do not know. Is there a Money Monopaly OH YEAH. Money rules the world. And As we all know GAs Companies are holding the wheel.

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    But where are the pictures!? *pouts*

    That's really nifty... anything to beat the forever-rising fuels costs. Plus it's a huge benefit to the environment. We only have the one planet to live on, best not to expend our resources.

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    mmm i dunno about the SMALLEST carbon footprnt were still reletively high but our problems are more water related...
    and yes while we do use hydro power ALOT specially in the eastern areas (warragamba dam FTW!) but we stll use very large amounts of fossil fuels like everyone else but no nuclear plants to be seen EXCEPT for the lucas hieghts reactor which is used purely for creation of medical-grade radioactive isotopes and a few industral grade ones.
    we are working ino creating an EFFECTIVE solar system both based on water heating and a new generation of photovoltaic electric cells (the famous silicon solar cell, only better) photovoltaic cells work on a principle which is uilzed y plants to conduct photosynthesis, that being the fact hat when sunlight and all its associated radiaton hits a molecule the electrons gain energy and shed electron particles to keep in balance these can be cycled to create electrical generators, bu the solar cels most people are familier with is quite ineffciant but theyre working on another generation of solar cell

    the thing im hopeful for using is cold fusion YES IT DOES WORK... its been repeated a few times

    another note about the Uni, the main area of the broadway campus (SYDNEY broadway not new york) is building 1, the easily distinguishable tower building, iit was voted the UGLIEST building in sydney its more or less a 32-floored brown concrete oblong tower with repeated 'stripes' horizontally which ar the windows...but well ok its not graceful, and is not like the nearby University of sydney which some areas remind you of hogwarts:P UTS is a great, applied science and engineering/design university with all round good facilities. and the architecture has a good solid feel to it and and just has this character whih i can definately say am glad to be a part of.

    (post 333, triple digits look cool )

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