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Thread: What's ADISC listening to?

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    Default What's ADISC listening to?

    I thought this would be a kind of cool idea (partially to help my iPod grow :3)

    What music is ADISC listening to?! Post 1 song you really like at the moment, and the band it's by. If possible also give a link to a youtube clip of it. A genre would be helpful also

    Here's my song atm. Spiralling, by Keane. Pop or soft rock, depending on which way you look at it.
    YouTube - Keane - Spiralling

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    I can give ya three.
    Elbow- grounds for divorce (album- seldom seen kid)
    Clutch- electric worry
    And some douchebag music: cake- short skirt long jacket

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    Well, after a lot of Rob Zombie, Angelspit, Lustmord, NIN, and Mortiis... I moved to Enya then Lisa Gerrard.

    Now I'm singing along to Gillian Welch lol.
    YouTube - Gillian Welch - Everything Is Free

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    Soft Rock - Billy Joel - The Longest Time - YouTube - Billy Joel - The Longest Time
    Soft Rock - Elton John - Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word - YouTube - Elton John - Sorry seems to be the hardest word 1976
    Hard Rock - Black Veil Brides - Perfect Weapon - YouTube - Black Veil Brides - "Perfect Weapon" Standby Records
    Disney - Hunchback of Notre Dame - God Help The Outcasts -

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    I got a lot of music. Lately I've had Bad Religion by Godsmack on repeat. Its rock.

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    Hypnosis by Wilkinson from the album Sick Music 2: CD 1. Produced by Hospital records


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    I don't have one song that I listen to any more than anything else, but my says Bonnie Tyler – Total Eclipse Of The Heart 6 times in 7 days, and the algorithms screwed so I kept getting the same 4 songs and 4 artists last month so my other statistics are a little bias.

    But when ever I think *B/DL and son I think Me & My - Baby Boy

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    The Offspring - Gone Away.

    Sorry, palsies, I didn't include a link. I'm not actually listening to it right now, but it's what I have been listening to on a constant basis. Just... not this instant.

    'Tis a good song, not too hard, not too soft. Although the soft parts of the song are a really good touch.

    I recommend it. Youtube it! Can't be that hard, can it? Nope!

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