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    hi, so, i guess i'm new here. i don't really like diapers, i just like pretending to be a baby sometimes and i'm just really curious about this lifestyle. i don't know anyone who is an adultbaby or a teenbaby or a furrybaby. i guess, i'm just 18 and i sometimes just want a binkie or i just wish i could sleep in a crib or have some onesies with snaps. i don't know what that defines me as, but i don't really want it to be anything, you know? i just enjoy infantile playfulness and happiness, and i'm just real curious about this forum.

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    Smile Welcome!

    Welcome to ADISC maybebaby (and maybe not).

    Do not worry about labels it is not necessary to like diapers to be part of this community, (though that is the most common shared interest or connection), the mere fact that you have an attraction to baby things sometimes, means you sure can fit in here.

    At 18 you have time for definitions, (to be an AB or not to be, is that the question), later in life, just relax and enjoy.

    Would you like to share any other interests (outside baby things) or hobbies with us?

    I have had a love of wearing nappies (or diapers) and female clothing, all my life, other than that some of my main interests in life are; history, science and astronomy.

    Enjoy your time here.

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    Nice to meet you, maybebaby! I'm sure that you'll meet a lot of great people on this forum, and fit in just fine - diapers or not! As johny asked: what do you enjoy doing? I'm into inline skating, guitar, and motorcycles (amongst tons of other things!)

    Enjoy your holidays

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