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Thread: What kind are these?

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    Default What kind are these?

    They have a yellow wetness indicator, white tabs, blue padding inside and are very crinkly/noisy. I bought them in an unmarked bag so I have no clue.

    Sorry for the size - I know I can resize them, but I'd rather leave them so you can see better.

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    They remind me of Kendall brand diapers. Kendall also have a single yellow wetness indicator and are otherwise pretty nondescript. But it's really hard to tell since there are no major identifying features. It's possible it could just be a store brand diaper.

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    I have no clue, but a shot in the dark: atn's maybe?

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    No, hehe. I have ATN's and they are Pink-lined on the inside (why they are I do not know). Plus they are usually not sold in regular, non-health care stores, AND they have a double line wetness indicator.

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    ^^^Not to mention ATNs have a distinctive checkered double tape. Definitely not anything made by Tranquility.

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    Either Kendall, or Dignity brand. They are packaged in unmarked, clear bags when they are ordered in bulk.

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