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Thread: Need to tell mom that I want to go to a furry meet. Help?

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    Exclamation Need to tell mom that I want to go to a furry meet. Help?

    Well so far in my life I have not gone to ANY type of furry ANYTHING. I was hoping to go to Furizona, but my mom does not really get what a furry is, and does not feel comfortable with me, with friends she has not met, in a park, and her not having a car if something went wrong. Understandable, but I have a phone, I know a healthy amount of practical self defense, and am VERY careful and safe. So far, I have told her it is "just a little get together with snacks and maybe a band and stuff". Obviously that looks shady. If I am to go, I need to first explain that furry is not sexual, bondage, submission, or anything of the sort, than I need to tell her the meet is of furries just getting together and having just a normal, safe, clean party, with possibly a little safe, clean LARPing.

    She knows that I have an interest in wearing a collar and some type of interest in having animal (wolf in this case) attributes. (She has told me NOT to wear the collar, but only because right now I really need to not look like the kind of person who could commit a class B felony.) I know being a furry is different for everyone, but can someone please help me come up with a general description that is simple. I have an idea on how to do it from the "what does it mean to be a furry" thread, but would like some seccond opinions.

    I really, REALLY want to go as it will be not only my first furry meet of any kind, but also my first real outing with no supervision and knowing only about 1 of the people there. I really need help fast, as it is on the 26th and I just told her today.

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    Tell her that it's for people who happen to like the art. That's all a furry really is in the sense - a fan of anthropomorphic animals. Or at least that's what I tell the laypeople.

    I'd just explain to your mother that it's an art/fandom meet up of sorts. It's not about sex, bondage, or screwing dogs in the booty. It's about people with similar, safe interests getting together and talking about what they like. Like a D&D party.

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    Default My E-Mail

    Here's the E-Mail I shot her:

    Dear mom,

    Firstly, I want to paste something explaining in general what the furry fandom is:

    What IS a furry?

    A furry is someone who… well, there isn’t really a clear definition. The best thing to do is quote the Antrhocon (A VERY popular furry convention) page on “What is ‘Furry?’”

    Today, Furry fandom is instead an artistic and literary genre that is practiced and enjoyed by tens of thousands worldwide. We count among our ranks professional sports mascots, animators, cartoonists, puppeteers, artists, illustrators, and writers, as well as those who simply think that it would be a wonderful thing if animals could walk or talk like we do. If you as an adult still occasionally like to flip to the old cartoons, or have a stuffed animal sitting on the dashboard of your car, or buy cereal because it has a cool tiger on the box, you may well enjoy what our fandom has to offer. We invite you to visit any one of our many gatherings worldwide to see for yourself what Furry fandom is really all about.
    -Quote from

    That about sums it up; just about anyone and anything can be a furry. Bugs bunny is a furry! So is daffy, and Mickey Mouse, tony the tiger… the list goes on. But getting a little more exact, we have to define what an anthropomorphic creature is!

    “Anthropomorphic-” An Anthropomorphic creature is any animal who takes on human traits. Examples include walking on two feet instead of four paws, talking like a human, and enjoying human like activities.

    The Fursona- Humans who partake in the furry fandom often have what’s called a “Fursona.” A “Fursona” is a fictional character that is an anthropomorphic animal that someone has created or associates with, and will often role-play as, get or do art for, or write stories about. This isn’t true for everybody who has a fursona, but it is the general consensus.

    Feral and Anthro- There are two different types of furries. One is anthropomorphic. These kinds of furries are what we just talked about. The other type is called “Feral.” A “Feral” furry is someone who has a fursona who is way more animalistic. This means walking on all fours, acting more like an animal than a human, ETC ETC.

    What Furries Do- Some things that furries partake in are as follows. Conventions, artistic endeavors, literary endeavors, wearing fursuits, (A large suit made out to be an anthropomorphic animal, commonly the person in question’s fursona) wearing fake animal tails and/or ears, and much much more.
    For me, it is just drawing my fursona, and sometimes LARPing. (Live Action Roleplaying)

    Now, this meet is a safe, clean get together for anyone who is a furry, as defined above. The only difference from a normal party is that there may be a small amount of clean, safe LARPing. That means that a furry will take on there fursona and interact with other fursonas in a safe, clean way. The website for this meet is here. There will be snacks, music, and games. All clean.

    Furizona was founded and is currently managed by a good tech friend named Richie. I have him in my Cisco networking class at school. You can find more info about him by google searching his nickname xorrito if you want.

    This would not only be the first "furmeet" I will have ever gone to, but also the first time I have ever really gone to an event alone. (Well obviously Richie and a few other furries in my school will be there, but seince you don't know them and I am not actually going with them, you could consider it alone.)

    I understand if you don't WANT me to go. I mean, you are my mom. You are supposed to protect me. But I think that it's time I got just a little bit more freedom. I am VERY safe and I can handle this. I have a phone, and I will take extra care to make sure it is operational and on my person while I am there. I will try to find a more... reliable method of transport than grandma. I will make sure to be safe and always have a backup method of transport and backup form of communicating with you. So even if you don't want me to go, I ask that you please let me go. I Promise that I will be safe. I wont take ANY chances at all.

    I love you always,

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    X3 x3 x3 yes yes yes! I can go!

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    How are your other friends getting there? Maybe you can catch a ride with them. If their parents are bringing them then have them meet your mom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon View Post
    How are your other friends getting there? Maybe you can catch a ride with them. If their parents are bringing them then have them meet your mom.
    Actually so far the only one who I know that will be going just happens to be the founder. He is 17 so he does not go with his parents. They are going to a restaurant beforehand, and I really only want to go to the main event, so going with him is out. I was thinking about maybe getting a family friend to bring me, and a backup of the bus.

    BTW I just got back from Hot Topic. I got this awesome wolf ear hood and clip on tail. I wanted to get a dog tag, but I somehow managed to blow 100$ in 15 minutes. Game Daze, GameStop, and Hot Topic. :P

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    Have you actually met them in person before?

    If so would introducing them to your family on a friends level be detrimental in going to this furry meet?

    edit: I have no idea how I found my way into this subforum. Hi

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    Quote Originally Posted by kwis View Post
    Have you actually met them in person before?

    If so would introducing them to your family on a friends level be detrimental in going to this furry meet?

    edit: I have no idea how I found my way into this subforum. Hi
    Again, I have a networking class in my actual, real life high school with him. I see him every school day and talk to him sometimes out of school. It's more of a classmate+ relationship. Right now he is really busy with his job (computer repair), so he really does not have a whole lot of time. If the family friend does drive me, my mom can come and meet him and such.

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    Woohoo! I'm happy for ya!

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    Congo-rats, mate! You were very well spoken and direct towards your mother, while keeping a simple tone and attitude. It seemed to work, you're able to go!

    Oh, and by the waaaay.. you're one of the most mature people I have seen, so far. Keep it up!

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    Yay! I'm very happy for ya! Hope you have fun!

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