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  • Prius

    2 50.00%
  • Civic Hybrid

    0 0%
  • Insight Hybrid (200-2006)

    0 0%
  • Insight Hybrid (2010+)

    1 25.00%
  • Fusion Hybrid

    0 0%
  • Camry Hybrid

    0 0%
  • Altima Hybrid

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  • Malibu/Aura Hybrid

    0 0%
  • SUV hybrid (Escape, Highlander, Durango)

    1 25.00%
  • Other Hybrid (Volt, Silverado)

    1 25.00%
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Thread: Who here owns a hybrid?

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    Butterfly Mage

    Default Who here owns a hybrid?

    No that gasoline is rising again, I am more conscious of fuel economy than ever. Fortunately, I have a totally awesome Insight-II. I usually get mid-40s in mixed driving, but I've gotten as high as 56.9 MPG on extended highway drives. I like everything about the car except for the rear visibility. The back window is really tiny and it makes the car hard to park.

    Who else here has a hybrid? What kind of gas mileage do you get? How do you like your car? What do you not like?

    EDIT: I made a typo in the first Insight entry. It should read "2000-2006", as cars were not yet invented in the year 200, unless you wanted to consider a chariot that could be pulled by either a man or a horse to be a "hybrid".

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    We don't own a hybrid. Mom drives a 2007 Camry and my dad a 2006 Ford F150. Buy, my aunt (mom's sister) own a 2009 Prius.

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    Don't have a hybrid either. There was one that looked decent I would get (if I had the money that is), but can't remember which it was now :/.

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    (Note to Butterfly - please don't take offense, I admire your putting your money where your mouth is, but don't agree that its the best option, certainly not for me)

    Not I. Hybrids offend my sense of simplicity and technical elegance. Two propulsion systems mean more complexity, higher cost to repair, more likelihood of failure because of higher component count, and you're locked into dealer service because of proprietary design of parts and systems. If you've ever turned a wrench on your own vehicle, you know the difference between Autozone and dealer retail parts is significant.

    Being green involves more than just gas mileage. There is the environmental cost of manufacturing and maintaining the vehicle as well. Total environmental cost of a simple, light, small vehicle like my old Neon, or better still, its predecessor the Horizon may well be less than a hybrid even though the gas mileage is not quite as good. In Europe, small diesels do even better.

    I look at a hybrid as a compromise. Not ready for prime-time, something like those Permian age not-quite-fish, not-quite-amphibians. Ultimately I see myself going all electric, but not until they get the range thing sorted. As of now, if I threw a chain on my bicycle at the turnaround point of a long ride, I couldn't call a friend with a Nissan Leaf to come get me.

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    Depends on what you call hybrid.
    If you mean a car. Eh, no.
    But as I have stated before I have as greater interest in engines as diapers.
    I modded my remote control car with a HHO generator hooked up to it feeding extra energy back into the engine.
    I'd call that a hybrid, it increases efficiency and makes It louder and faster :P
    Before the thing I measured did about 1km/500ml (basically the whole tank :P), now it does about between 1.1-1.2. Pretty cool.

    In about three years I'm gonna get a prius. Or another hybrid I like as a first car Personally I don't beleive in using petroleum or diesel at all. End of.
    Freeking fuel companies and government and their taxes, and worst of all the fact that the ice caps are melting won't get into their thick monkey skulls. Iv seen pigs smarter than the two nob jockeys running this country.

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    Butterfly Mage


    Max: You don't offend me, but your post does indicate that you know very little about how hybrids function. The batteries are designed to last the life of the vehicle (my last hybrid not only lasted 150,000 miles but survived six car accidents.) They don't quite have two full propulsion systems. The electrical part is much smaller and simpler than the gasoline-burning part. The electric motor in a hybrid essentially serves as an assist to the engine. So, we're really talking about 1.5 propulsion systems. As far as repair costs are concerned, my previous car never had a hybrid-specific repair. My current car goes 9,000 miles between oil changes. Certain aspects of hybrid maintenance is actually cheaper. For instance, in my last car, I didn't have to replace the rake pads for 105,000 miles, thanks to regenerative braking.

    Yes, hybrids are a compromise between all gas and all electric. The cutting-edge electric cars cost $32k or more and drive a maximum of 100 miles before having to be recharged for 8-12 hours. In the United States, most of the electricity comes from coal, so an all-electric car has an effective pollution level only slightly better than a PZEV-rated hybrid. My car cost $17,588 and goes 450 miles on a 9-gallon tank.

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    Sadly my parents don't but, after college if I ever own a car for commuting it will at least be a hybrid if not electric.

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    I don't have a hybrid, but my 2009 Jetta TDI was the "Green Car of the Year". It gets ~45mpg, and has a much lower manufacturing impact than a hybrid. And, it will likely last longer.

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    Butterfly Mage


    dc: Diesels can outlast most marriages if properly maintained. Good pick!

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    I don't have a hybrid, not that I drive anyways never even had a license yet since i'm shit scared of doing that. My dad doesn't want a hybrid at all due to the extra cost of 5,000+ plus they are damn expensive to fix still. The only reason I can see for owning a hybrid is to actually help the environment, but if you wanted to do that public trasportation, biking or even walking is the better options.

    Plus my dad wanted a full sized bed sliverado pickup, he din's even splurge on the 4x4 drive, he totally should have. Why any trucks are still 2 wheel drive is beyound me, the gas mileage isn't THAT much different for the sliverado's now. I hope over the years hybrids get better. But until then, fully powered gasoline engines are still the king in my book. In saving money, at least.

    Also I would love a Chevy Volt, but Mini Coopers are where it's at.

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