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Thread: Hi from josh!

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    Default Hi from josh!

    Hi everyone my name is Josh and i am 14. I wear diapers and like to dress girlie sometime. My mom know about both and is ok with me being me. She buys me diapers and stuff if i am good.

    I kinda think i am gay but dunno.

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    Hi and welcome to our community. We have lots of members who do some of what you do, not always at the same time ! If you read some of the forums you will see a lot of different types of behavior. Just find what you're comfortable with and join in the conversation.

    And then there's the chat rooms, both the Flash and the IRC.

    You don't have to decide your orientation (gay/bi/str8) to us, again we have all variations here. Make up your own mind and then you can tell us (or not).

    See you around . . .

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    Welcome to ADISC! I hope you enjoy it here.

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    Welcome Josh and I hope you have a fun time here and may I say that you are very lucky that your mom is ok with your *b/dlism and that she lets you do it with no problems.

    Please feel free to tell us more about yourself like hobbies/interests and I hope to see you around the forums.

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    hobbies. I play baseball and collect coins. Baseball is only time i dont wear diapers cuz they slow me down

    I wear under jams for girls to school and real diapers at home.

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    Hi, this community continues to grow. We are getting 2 - 3 people a day. thanks for joining.

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    Welcome, feel free too post around and all that. I'm a 'girly' guy too so no worries there! :-p You'll find most people are pretty easy going about just about anything, just remember to treat others with respect and you'll get the same in return

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    Hey Josh,
    Glad to meet you, just wanted to give a big welcome. Also wanted to say if you ever need to talk, this is a great place to do it. A lot of people here have been through the same things, and like to help. They also like to help scelibrate when you have had a good day. So welcome.

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    Hi Josh! Nice to see you Looks like you've got a pretty good setup at home. I joined this site fairly recently, and Ive found it exellent, really helpful and friendly, so I hope you find the same. :-)

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    Hi there.

    You must feel very lucky to have such understanding parents.

    Just out of curiosity... what did you wear to school before the underjams came out?

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