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    Hello everybody! I rarely post, but today I come in search of some support and maybe a little reassurance from my fellow ab/dls. Well, unfortunately, I'm not doing to well. I apologize in advance if my story reads as graphic or inappropriate, but I'm at the end of my rope and knew that this community would in all likelihood understand me best.

    Around 8 months back, I was routinely scouring the interwebs for pictures of standard ab/dl material. Unfortunately upon my searching, I unintentionally stumbled upon a photograph of a very young minor in a diaper. Even more unfortunately, I found myself aroused by the photo. Now, I'm aware that with a fetish such as this, it's the object or situation that's arousing, not the subject. All arousal attained from the photograph would not have been actually physical. For this reason, I brushed it off for the following months. Unfortunately for me, I also have obsessive compulsive disorder, and for the last few months have been playing over the situation in my head to a relentless degree, almost to the point where I ask myself nearly continuously if I am a pedophile because of this instance. Of course, I have never felt/am incapable of feeling or imagining even the slightest attraction to a minor in reality.

    So now I'm here, consistently racking my mind and questioning myself if it's possible that I could somehow be what I despise most. I know that I'm letting my thoughts control me, and I apologize for spilling such an odd scenario onto all of you wonderful people. For the ocd, i've started taking medication and therapy, so hopefully it will improve soon. It's a pretty terrible condition that I wouldn't wish upon my worst enemy. I'm starting to let this ridiculous thought take over my life. Does anybody have any insight into my situation? Maybe some words to quell my completely needless suffering?

    I feel profoundly blessed to be a part of this wonderful community, and look forward to any responses!

    Peace and love!

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    Hmmm... let's see if I can help here.

    OCD is a bitch, tbh. I've got it. It's not fun, and I know exactly what you're talking about. That makes things that much harder to get over; you probably look at things very severely without making any kind of decision about them. I wouldn't worry about the situation that happened. Whilst it IS a tad sketch, I think that since you're into the fetish side of things, being aroused by the diaper itself is understandable. Sketch, but understandable. I think you'll be fine though, because you've been racking your mind with the guilt of it all, rather than simply focusing on the arousal.

    Otherwise, welcome to ADISC, ETC ETC.


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    Thanks for the reply! Yeah, it really is no fun. This also happened when I was still a teenager and unable to get diapers for myself, kind of attempting to suppress the desire. I have never viewed ab/dl material in a sexually physical way, but rather focus on the feelings associated with the wearing of the diaper. If anybody else has any input, it would be greatly appreciated! I'm also just kind of looking for somebody to talk to, thanks in advance!
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    wow, heavy questions! i think it's good to check up on yourself, but there's clearly no point in getting obsessed by these questions. as you said yourself, you're not physically attracted to youngsters, so don't worry. i'm glad you're getting help for your ocd.

    i'll agree that situations like the one you described are one of the more disturbing aspects of having a fetish like this. even when you're attracted to the idea of imagining yourself in the situation rather than to the image itself, it would still be pretty inappropriate to go seeking out photos of kids in diapers. just because you're not a pedophile doesn't mean you couldn't cross some ethical boundaries if you took your fetish too far in the wrong direction. it's important to keep an eye on yourself, but don't let it keep you up at night. as long as you're aware of what's appropriate and what's not you shouldn't have to worry about yourself.

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    So let me see if I'm hearing you correctly: you know you're not a pedophile, but you can't stop thinking about the possibility because of your OCD, and you've recently started medication. Correct? So then you're primary concern is not whether you might actually be a pedophile, but how to shake the guilt that keeps coming up.

    Part of the problem with OCD is that you can get so wrapped up in something that isn't even real that you wear yourself down over nothing at all. I used to obsess over my family dying and my SO breaking up with me, so I know the feeling. What helped me was learning to identify when I started down one of those horrid rabbit holes of doom and to stop myself before I even began.

    Other people have found "immersion therapy" to be helpful as well. Basically, it's opposite of what I do: you force yourself to confront the horrible thought or situation and constantly remind yourself that it's a groundless fear. The idea is that in doing this, you prove to yourself that it's just a fear and nothing more, that nothing bad is going to happen.

    I hope things get better for you. Obsessive thoughts really are no fun

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    Thanks a plenty for the responses avery and slim!

    They're definitely very helpful, even just knowing that I have a whole community to support me makes me extremely happy. I've never talked anybody about this specific obsession before, and the fact that you were kind enough to post a response alleviates a great deal of the anxiety that I'm dealing with. I thought I would try to tackle it before it really takes over, as it has already started to affect my education, music career, etc. So again, thank you tremendously!

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    I have the feeling that you may find the diaper to be arousing and not the small child. The fact that you are trying to work all of this out in your head and you are trying to reason it all out in a balanced way is a good thing. OCD is a bitch, I know a few guys with it.
    I am a bed wetter so I need to wear a diaper overnight but wearing a diaper is still arousing for me even though I have to wear the damn things every night to protect the bed.

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    You're definitely right on Tiddles, there's no attraction to minors whatsoever. I'm just having a little trouble shaking the guilt that I was essentially aroused by a diaper image that INCLUDED a minor. I'm sure that it's happened before to other young ab/dls, but with ocd, you tend to obsess over things that go against your character and morality.

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