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Thread: Hello from Tristen Sinanju

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    Red face Hello from Tristen Sinanju

    Hi Hi, Tristen Sinanju here. I'm a happy-go-lucky fur-cub… I tend to hang around IRC the most. On the furnet servers you'll find me as Tristen or ShotaNeko. I'm a college student living with my parents, but i graduate next year around this time, so I'm trying to be patient. Computer Forensics is worth it, hehe. I pay for college by being a sailmaker during the day, and student by night.

    P.S. My spelling abilities are terribad… I try, but i can never quite get it all right in the end :3

    I'm interested in diapers… but this is a given considering the site, hehe ^_^
    I also like the idea of feeling young, so i thought this site might be interesting.

    Other than diapers, I enjoy working on cars, working on electronics, woodworking, canvas production, sewing, crocheting, gaming, computer work, music, vintage technology, tube audio, and turntables.
    I also like my plush puppy and my new blue collar.

    I came here to meet new peoples and have a good time. I always enjoy a good conversation, a good laugh, and ofc, the company of peers, online or otherwise

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    Smile Welcome!

    Welcome to ADISC Tristen from down under.

    Excellent introduction by the way. You say that you are a sail maker? Very interesting, I should be surrounded by them here, but I do not recall having ever knowingly met one.

    You sound like you have a very full life with lots of hobbies and activities. Great!

    I have studied electronics, some of my main interests in life are; history, science and astronomy.

    Enjoy your time here.

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    You are more than welcome Tristen.

    I was up very late (about 4am) this morning, as I could not get to sleep and I am in holiday mode.

    It is just after 9:50am now and I am about to be dragged off to the shops for the final bit of Christmas Day food shopping.

    Tonight we will go to a Christmas Eve Carols by candlelight on the foreshore of Lake Macquarie, (the largest salt-water lake on the Eastern Coast of Australia). This Lake is just south of Newcastle NSW and I live near Port Stephens just North of Newcastle. So as you can see I have small craft all around me and should be surrounded by sail makers.

    By the way, many sailors will be down south preparing for Australia's world-renowned (or so the media keep telling me) yacht race, which starts every year at 1pm on Boxing Day.

    Have you heard of the Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race?

    Time to go shopping (again). Have a very Merry Christmas.

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    I haven't heard of Sydney to Hobart, but I know several people who have done a maryland to Bermuda race, or race near the British virgin islands...
    As a side note, our loft produced the mainsail cover for the boat Quantum Sails Design Group used in the worlds competition. The boom of their boat is like 45 feet long o.o

    Happy shopping (I've just finished mine several minutes ago) and have a good Christmas. =^_^=

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    Just got back from the final shopping, (walet says "no more") and we are having lunch. Thanks for replying and for the information on the mainsail. Time to relax a little before tonight. See ya.

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    Welcome Tristan from the Other American Coast! Great intro - you should do well here!

    Tube Audio and sail making, WOW. My grandfather was a U.S. Mail Boat Pilot on the Puget Sound and desigbed and built wood boats. Although I do not own a sailboat I do love sailing.

    I am retired from teaching and I am an instrument builder and am about to start to building low watt Class A guitar and harmonica tube amps. Maybe I can pick your brain about schematics and tube amp modifications.

    I own an original 60 Watt Tube Fender Hot Rod DeVille and a fully restored 1949 Gibson BR-9 amp (about 7 watt) Class A (my main harp amp).

    Welcome again - enjoy your stay - looking forward to your contributions to the ADISC support community.

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    Thanks for the welcome, hehe.

    I'm in the middle of making a small Class A SE amp for my stereo system. Should end up being about 12 watts (6/ch)... and then i can move on to investigating a new Phono Stage amp :3

    I'm new to tubes so i'm still wrapping my head around it... happily, though, I found plenty sources of information to help me along ^_^

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