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Thread: as seen on the internet

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    Default as seen on the internet

    Dunno if anyone here hangs out on reddit at all, saw this picture on there earlier today and thought everyone here would get a kick out of it.

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    K, that's just lol.

    Though you can see that he's not wearing a diaper, just a towel

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    lol I just waisted bandwidth!

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    As a fellow redditor.... I salute sir. And that picture signifigantly altered my day, in a bad way.

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    That is a pretty funny picture, the guy even has a beer belly to boot lol.

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    I suppose everyone is familiar with 'young me, now me'.
    But this guy may have passed the point of common decency.

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    I chuckled but the way that baby is bent was a little disturbing. Ah to be young and flexable again.

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