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    I am currently a university student in the UK, studying maths. I really have no idea what i want to do for a living once I graduate. Hopefully i'll think of something soon!

    I suppose I am mostly a DL, but with occasional AB tendancies. I have acted on these desires for about 5 years now, but have come to realise I have had these feelings for much longer than that. No doubt details will be revealed in other posts later on

    I play the trombone, and also sing (Bass), and am (slowly!) teaching myself the tuba aswell. I seem to spend almost every night of the week in some orchestra, band or choir rehearsal, either with a university group or in town. I am also a football (soccer) referee and try to squeeze the occasional match in around all my music commitments. I love travelling. I have been to most of western Europe (Spain in particular), and spent some time after school travelling round the world, in particular South America and the USA.

    What am I looking for from this site? Nothing much, just the chance to talk to other people who I know have the same "unusual" interests as I do, whatever the subject of conversation.

    Looking forward to it


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    Wink Welcome!

    Welcome to ADISC babypete42.

    This is a good place to share this unusual interest, plus a whole lot more.

    I like to travel when I can; I do not envy you with being a soccer referee that has to be tough.

    I know someone with a math’s degree and he is not sure what he wants to do for work either.

    How long have you been playing the trombone?

    Some of my main interests in life are; history, science and astronomy.

    Enjoy your time here.

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    Hey babypete, and welcome to ADISC.

    That's a pretty good introduction you have there. I was once considering majoring in mathematics, but I also wasn't sure what I would do for a living, and didn't know what mathematics could do for me in terms of a career path (not that i can imagine it hurting though). I have since turned to web development, but I still have a great deal of appreciation for the subject.

    Quote Originally Posted by babypete42 View Post
    I play the trombone, and also sing (Bass), and am (slowly!) teaching myself the tuba aswell.
    Awesome! That's what I play too. Glad to see another trombone player on here. We're growing our low brass section for the ADISC Symphony Orchestra, which is slated to open for the London Philharmonic sometime in 2303 at the earliest.
    Hehe, just kidding, but I'll bet you're a great player.

    Anyhow, I hope you enjoy your stay here.

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