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Thread: ~less posts|Where is everyONE going?

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    Default ~less posts|Where is everyONE going?

    ive been seeing less posts recently and think theres a new site

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    I think there's been more posts to be honest... Go to bed, wake up, there's at least 1 and a bit pages of new posts to filter through.

    Far cry from waking up and only seeing 20-30 new posts.

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    I still been posting here but theres still maybe 500+ posts per week if not more I bet. This is still one of the top AB/DL/TB/IC community's on the net.

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    wait... last week we had averaged 1 post every 2 minutes
    now its every 10

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    Quote Originally Posted by betagame View Post
    wait... last week we had averaged 1 post every 2 minutes
    now its every 10
    And your point? People are still posting, its just at wider time slots. Quit crying about it. No ones leaving this site anyways.
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    Does it really matter if the posting has gone down or up? Sometimes I think you make threads just to get your thread count up...

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    There aren't enough interesting threads, I made a few back in the day, but now those threads are very dead. I come on here, see the same old threads, a few new ones created by newbies, occasionally a new good one, post on them if I feel like it, then go back to doing what I was before.

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    Fa sho... (had to =) there are a ton of new people on here. Not that its bad, I think its pretty cool. But when I open a thread that seems really stupid, aaalllll of the names going down it are in blue. Its like the attack of the n00bz! (I love n00bz <3).

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    like Mr Alex said i think we're just kind of running out of new ideas for posts, you can only post but so many things, the site needs a new edge is all

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