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Thread: I'm new.. Kinda :)

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    Red face I'm new.. Kinda :)

    I'm Jessah I used to spend quite a bit of time on here, but didn't post very often. Life got fairly hectic and both adisc and my user name were forgotten.
    I'm a new mom.. So a lot of people would consider me an adult Most of my time is spent taking care of him, online or with my fiance. ( My fiance and I are both AB/DLs.. I'm so lucky to have found someone that shares my interest..)
    .I'm very passionate about the things I enjoy and believe in.
    I love everything about body modification, especially piercings. I will (hopefully) soon be starting my apprenticeship at a studio near by.
    I'm a pagan, but I'm just starting to find out exactly where I fit in under that category.
    I love animals and have dreamed of owning my own pet shop since I was very young..
    I'm a fairly shy person, but send me a message and I won't shut up once I'm comfortable.. I'm excited to be a part of this community.

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    welcome, seems more tb/ab/dls in Zona then I thought xD. With the forgotten username, you might be able to put in a request, and with e-mail, would think a mod would be able to find it *shrugs*. Do you own any animals?

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    I don't remember the email anymore either :[ I do remember some people, but I doubt they remember me. I have 3 dogs, and hopefully I'll be getting a pair of ferrets since my last one died of old age.
    I've met one other AB/DL in AZ, besides my fiance. Thank you for the welcome

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    I've know about a few, only met 2 other AB/DLs though in Arizona. What breed of dogs (out of curiousity)?

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    I have a black lab mix, an aussie mix and a long haired chihuahua
    How about you? Any animals?

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    None here (can't have pets at the apartment) though technically have a cat that is at my parents house.

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