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    This just happened around an hour ago, and was pretty random, so I thought I'd tell somebody.

    Anyways, we had gotten a wok from a game that we play every Christmas, and had never used it for an entire year-and-a-half, so I thought that since I had some experience with stir-fry, I'd cook something tonight. So, last night I went ahead and cooked the rice, and this evening I opened the wok (it was still wrapped up in plastic from the store), and washed it off a bit.

    Later on, I was heating it up, and smelled kind of a sharp, burning smell. Checking under the burner, I saw it was a bit crusty, and that satisfied me for the moment. Then I slowly started to put some oil into the wok (smart move...)

    My dad said, "Careful, you don't want it to burn," but I was sure that what I was doing was fine, so I just went ahead and poured two tablespoons into the wok. Then it started to sizzle and pop, and then the oil caught on fire, with the burner set to the next-to-highest heat setting.

    With my quick thinking, I rushed over to the sink and sat it in there with my right hand, and then with my left cut the water on. *HISS!* *SIZZLE!* *BURN!* As the entire 16" wok lit up with huge flames, and then died down rather quickly, I freaked out, in my head. Luckily, neither I, still standing at the sink, or my dad, who had been cutting chicken there, was burnt, at all.

    So the moral is, DO NOT put vegetable oil (or any other kind) into a hot pan. Pour it into the pan, put it on the burner, and let it get hot with the pan. If it catches on fire then put it in the sink, but DO NOT turn the water on. It will explode in fire, possibly causing bodily or property damage.

    And that's my story. It was funnier in person, although the moral is still there. I'm not cooking stir-fry again for a month. Have a nice day.

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    Water does NOT put out burning oil and it only makes it worse. In this situation either use a large lid cover to keep air from getting to the fire (thus ending the fire due to lack of air 1 part of the 3 things needed for Fire) so it will die out or use salt or Baking soda to put it out.

    theres 3 parts to fire. air, heat and fuel. In this case fuel was the oil.
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    Oh dear!
    Classic mistake... Take a WET towel and smother the fire when it's an oil fire.

    A chef in the restaurant I work at almost did the same thing... What a noob!

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    It sounds as though you used the wrong oil, as in chinese cooking oil is usually added to a hot wok.
    However you must use groundnut oil as this oil can take the heat of a wok.
    If you use ordinary oil it will burn or spit and if you use olive oil it will actually degrade and become toxic.


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