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Thread: Cloth backed vs. plastic disposables - when each has its use

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    Default Cloth backed vs. plastic disposables - when each has its use

    This isn't a debate about which is better, but when each is more practical in real life situations.

    If I had my way I'd use plastic backed 100% of the time and they wouldn't make any noise unless I wanted them to. Since they don't make completely silent diapers I am stuck using the the next best thing in certain situations.

    I've come up with basically two diapers I use depending on the situation (of course I have some others but these are what I buy by the case). I've got Bambinos for those long trips and work and I've got Abena air-plus supers for wearing around the wife and when I'm at work but much closer to people or in quiet situations.

    I don't like the cloth backed at all because they soak into your clothes. Wearing an Abena X-plus with the cloth is pointless without plastic pants (not very discreet in any regard anyways). I can stand the supers however for the time that I am wearing one wet. Plus you can't beat discreetness when you are trying to enjoy wearing diapers but not bother your significant others too much.

    What are your experiences?

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    Personally, as someone living with a family, I much prefer the slight discreteness of the cloth-backed over the babyish-ness of the plastic backed any day. The only time I would think of wearing plastic backed diapers is if I was home alone for an extended period of time.

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    Most all the "cloth" disposables I've tried are plastic underneth. The big difference is in the tapes. The clothlikes use velcro and you can take them off and on many times. As in makeing them last or getting the fit just right. All the adult ones I've tried do require stapleing the tab to the back sheet so they don't pull off. I've never found either to leak through the cover inless the cat was on my lap. I do perfer the plastic though, for some reason, perhaps because the better brands come that way.

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    I just ordered some Molicare air-active supers from XP that should be coming tomorrow. It looks like it has completely cloth sides but plastic along the inside where the padding is. This is in contras to Abena which has a uniformly woven cloth backing with some rubbery plastic in the middle.

    Anybody tried the molicares? I want the discreetness of the cloth without the sweating of the Abena.

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