well, i ordered a case of 72 (18 x 4) from caredownthere in edmonton. For me in calgary was about 120 delivered, so great deal. anyway...

the only experience i have had with cases so far is abena, and i can say their cases come in relatively reasonable sized boxes, so i was rather surprised when i got home and saw the Dry 24/7 box. wow huge! I suppose i have had a pack before, so i knew how big one bag was, but was still surprised to see that box (yes i will have to post a pic of it)..
about 3ft high, and a couple feet each side, it's large enough i could easily pack two if not all three of my kids into the box with room to spare. Not complaining or anything, quite happy! just thought i would share that.

(disclaimer, not related to the company above in any way other than having ordered from, (good experience) and us both being in Canada, eh)