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Thread: changing dirty diapers..just how difficult is it?

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    Default changing dirty diapers..just how difficult is it?

    as i get older (im 26 now) i associate more with the caregiver side of abdl rather than the baby side when i think about it and would really like to be able to change dirty diapers (of a partner similar age) if i needed to. Ive only ever changed wet diapers before though, and only a couple times. Dirty diapers can look cute and i dont find the idea repulsive but maybe its different in practice...

    so my question is - how difficult/gross is it really?
    is it more yucky than you would first think? or not that bad?

    anyone had any experiance in this and would like to share?

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    the difficulty depends on the person and how big a mess they made, you could be ok with your own mess but the sight and smell of your partner could make you feel different.

    I've only changed my own messy ones so i cant really say but i think i could handle it someone else.

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    The big thing is whether or not the messy person is hairy in that region. If they are, your work load triples. I'm some cases, it's easier to just give them a shower or bath, especially if the mess is super soft.

    I guess it kinda all depends on the mess, the person, et cetera. Just make sure you're well-stocked on wipes.

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    It would also depend on how active they were after making the mess. If you change them right away and they were laying when it happened the mess is in a smaller area and easier to clean, but if they sit and move around in it a lot it will mush around and make it harder.

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    There are several important aspects that determine how easy messy diapers can be changed.

    For one, I suggest using a hard surface. On soft surfaces, the messy baby's butt sinks into the surface and thus half the messy area is covered. Even though it's more uncomfy for the baby, hard surfaces are important.
    Second, as people pointed out, hair is a factor. That's why real babies are a lot easier to clean up - they have no hair for feces to 'hide' in.
    Also, make sure to lift the legs of the messy person up properly, preferably pin their knees to their chest if they're flexible enough. Wipe off the worst with the front of the diaper (if it's clean) before pulling the diaper out from under the baby and using wipes.

    Finally, before you start all that, you need to wrap your head around the idea of cleaning up another adult's poop. It'll smell, and you'll most definitely get poop on your hands, so make sure you clean yourself properly after you're done, and do take a wipe or two to wipe your own hands every now and again. On the other hand, the messy baby should really appreciate the help you'll give them, and the process will not only tighten the bond between the caretaker and the baby but also the baby a good sense of what it's like to be a real baby. Make sure you talk to them about what you do down there (or tease them about their stinky butt), and when you're done, lean over and tickle their belly and all the things you'd do with real babies.


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    I second what Peachy said, because he's such a good daddy like that. :P

    Also, keep in mind that the disgust-o factor depends on what the AB eats as well, and how much they eat. Eating a lot of meat and dairy is not advised whatsoever, and neither is Mexican food. Trust me on this.

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    Yea my own mess isn't so bad to me and I've never changed another adults diaper. I did gag badly changing my ex-roomie's 2yo after McDonalds.

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    crappy diapers are like--yuck. yours or any one else. I have done it out of curiosity a few times.

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