I lived at home family at my mother in 1998 and i stayed there for 3 years before to decide to live alone in 2001 to Draguignan in Var in the south of France.
i had got my bedroom when i lived with my mother, i started to buy some diapers in paramedical near my mother's home, and i tryed to wear day after day and all nignts because it is fun to wear a diaper, i used that not for the incontinence particularity.
And now i continiue to wear some diapers but i don't live alone (i live with a man since 9 years ago) and it is hardiest to wear some diapers in front of him. That's why i do it when he goes outside and when i have the time... so discretly. Sometimes i wear a diaper under my Levi's jean, and i feel confortable like that... and after i must put my diaper into a bin if i don't want my husband to know my fetish secret...
I search some friends with the same problem or others abdl friend.