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Thread: Sorry I haven't been around.

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    Default Sorry I haven't been around.

    Today I feel is the worst day of my life. My mommy (wife) just left underneath immigrations go back to the states. Just yesterday I tried to kill myself and about 20 people saw me do it and called the cops which wound me up being evaluated by a psychiatric team. I called suicide help line about 20 minutes ago and they said to just watch a movie and wait til I was with someone else and my natural mother is on her way over here. From what they both say this will only be a temporary move for a few weeks and then we will be back together again but it just feels like my whole world has fallen apart.

    I went to the states about a year ago and I met my mommy. She became my mommy because that was the way that she could handle my submissive little girl side the easiest as she had raised six children with her spouse before I came on the scene (although in all honesty she says that I am worse sometimes than all six put together!)

    We were happy together for a few months and then my visa waiver ran out and because we didn't have money for a second visa I had to leave for Australia. Where I started making plans for her to come here to stay with me. We have our own flat, 2 bedrooms and at a reasonable price. We were trying to do everything that immigration wanted us to do but apparently they left a few details out. Like..that we had to do it after 28 days or else she'd be thrown out. Or that just because we applied for a further stay extension that wouldn't be included as a visa if they didn't accept us or decided to throw it back. We tried so hard and now she's gone. I'm just typing this..well actually I don't know why I'm typing this it just was making me feel better for some reason.

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    Oh hunnie... I.. I don't even know what to say.. I feel so bad that I'm actually crying.. You guys were happy and I know this... Sweetie I'm soooo sorry...

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    That's terrible, what do you plan to do? I don't understand how someone comes to Australia and then gets taken back to umm the US if I am reading this right, when we can't even keep people we don't want out, but we don't let people live outside of our borders?

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    Aw! That sucks! Sorry to hear about that... hopefully you two will be reunited in the future.

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    I can't work out why the people that we don't want inside our countries we can't keep out but those who are decent law abiding citizens who have never done anything wrong have to be seperated from us as well. Why is the world so cruel? I have never loved anybody more than my mommy and now she's gone. I feel like there's this chasm left inside my very soul.

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    You have my deepest sympathy. I cant imagine how hard it must be and it upsets me that our country would let law abiding citizens down I'm really sorry that you and your mommy are having a hard time. I can only offer my support as a listener if you ever need it! If theres anyway I could help you through all off this please don't hesitate too ask

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    I'm so sorry, at least its only temporary! I am sure you are missing her right now *hugs*

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