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Thread: accidents caused by not wearing a nappy

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    Default accidents caused by not wearing a nappy


    I'm wondering if anyone else had had accidents caused by not wearing a nappy; or rather caused by forgetting you aren't wearing one.

    I was out walking the dog and I thought that I had a Tena Slip Super on (forgetting I'd taken it off ten minutes beforehand ) and I thought that I could not have to go behind a tree and ended up with wet jeans. To make matters worse it's currently -2 outside lol. Never been so frozen in my life.

    Idk if this has happened to anyone else or if it's just one of my "senior moments" again

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    I don't believe i've ever thought i've had one on when i haven't...having one on is a unique feeling that i wouldn't get from boxers. :P

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    I tend to check first just in case lol. But I imagine the more you wear the more comfortable you are that you might just slip up.

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    I think the problem was that I'd been in nappies all day, forgot I wasn't (had taken it off), and ended up with wet jeans lol. Suppose its what I get for wearing nappies too often lol

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    I've almost had that happen after wearing for a prolonged period of time but have always caught myself first.

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    I have a weaker bladder and on a few occasions haven't made it out of my fursuit in time. This has lead to some expensive dry cleaning bills.

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    Yea. i agree.

    I was in diapers for three days solid while i stayed with my Mommy(GF). You have no idea how relyant you get after such a small amount of time, you keep second gessing yourself going crap dont pee go to the toilet.

    Awwwwsome experiance tho :P

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    Not really but I used to wet the bed.and i would lol....i would have a dream I was in the bathroom..but I was really sleeping.

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    Very nearly a few times, but thankfully never have done!

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    I unfortunately only did this recently, now that you mention it. Since it was te beginning of the holidays I wanted to celebrate... So the first three nights i wore goodnites. One night the goonite got full and leaked a bit so I changed out into my regular pajama bottoms.

    About half an hour later I had to pee and recently out of instinct and the fact that I had only done it 30mins previously... I kinda wet myself. Lucky I'm a very mild bedwetter or I prolly wouldn't have gotten away with it :P

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