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Thread: Cloth Diapers - Where do I start?

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    Default Cloth Diapers - Where do I start?

    Hey Everybody... I'm kinda new here, and am wondering if you guys can help me out.

    I've been using disposables, and have been thinking about switching to cloth diapers. It seems though, that there are a ton of different options, styles, fabrics, and I don't know the first place to start.

    Any other guys (or gals) out there who prefer cloth to disposable that can give me some tips or recommendations as to the best cloth diapers?


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    So many possibilities.... I like "fitteds" the best and "contour" second. Do a Yahoo or Google on those names plus diaper and you'll learn a lot. I've used flannel & terry and prefer the flannel. I've not yet tried birdseye or gauze though I have heard good things about them. The late DPF supplied me with my favorite diapers but ebay has plenty of good buys now. Tri County Cloth Home Page is where I got my most recent favorite. Of course you'll need plastic pants too. I have some flannel covered ones I got from an ebay seller that are the bestest as well as some great ones from fetware . com .
    Do a little research, order a few and have fun!


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    I buy pre-fold gauze, night weight cloth diapers from the Adultclothdiaper Company. They seem to have a good product and they also sell plastic pants, which you would also need. I like the Leakmaster high tops because they cover more of the diaper and offer more protection at night. They also are amazingly soft. I don't know if this would help, but I have a 32' waste and so I buy small size in the diaper and in the plastic pants. I have a few medium sized diapers when I know I've had a lot to drink before going to bed. Normally the small is large enough. If you are somewhat bigger than 32, even 34, I would go with medium. After that, I don't know.

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    I have flannel, terry cloth, birdseye and gauze diapers. I can tell you that flannel is not my favorite, when wet it become heavy and rather uncomfortable feeling. I like terry and birdseye but gauze diapers are my favorite, they are very soft and comfortable.

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    Its nice to see someone diving in and trying the good old cloth. I use both the prefold birdseye and a terry square they are both great but i like the terry square better for comfort once you learn how to fold them plenty of sites show you how to do that, I use the kite fold. nice and thick for that extra capacity for wetting. There is also a plethora of plastic pants and you will have to experiment with them.
    have a look at big baby . com for waist sizes of terry squares

    Good luck and I hope you enjoy that cloth feeling.

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    I also am interested in trying some cloth. Is gauze really that awesome. I hear its really soft. I also heard pins aren't good for gauze is that true? And also who is better angel fluff or adult cloth diaper?

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    A few years ago i bought a birdseye nappy and a couple of pairs of plastic pants from adult cloth diapers and am still using the nappy today (the plastic pants do split after awhile) I don't know about the gauze, although i do prefer a terry square as it is more comfortable to sit in for a period of time. I have used pins in my birdseye and haven't had any probs.

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    Terry-towelling nappies are the softest, the most absorbant and hardest wearing; bought either as a square and folded or as a pre-folded option. They wash well; just do not use soft-rinse! lol I have left out the environmental argument for another time!

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    Aina is correct about not using soft rinse (fabric softener). If you do use it it will reduce the fabrics ability to absorb liquid.

    For my cloth diapers I have ordered from several places but find that babykins sells a good product and has lots of prints, and a lot of options for the covers. I also had an issue where they mailed me the wrong size and after a call they apologized mailed me another in the size I wanted. Later I found out that I can use the larger size (they let me keep it of course) over the top of another diaper to double up.

    I've only used one other online store to get cloth diapers online but the vinyl pants they sold me did not hold up very well. Too stiff. The vinyl from babykins was much softer and more durable. But they will get tears in them from extended use. Just make sure to follow the care instructions for your diapers and covers!

    Good luck though!

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    I'd like to try cloth too but haven't figured out a way to a) get some into the house without my SO knowing and b) how to wash them after use without my SO knowing. Any ideas on how to get around those 2 things would be most welcome.

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