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    Ok, so I am pretty sure everyone can agree that waiting for deliveries and/or opportunities is no fun. What do you like to do when you are waiting for a package to come, a ride to a store, a date to pass, etc...(diaper/AB/TB/BF related)
    PS should this thread be in Off-Topic? I couldn't decide :P

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    Well, overall, I just hate waiting for packages to come. For instance, I ordered a flashcart for my DS on the 10th, and it still hasn't left Hong Kong yet. I'm becoming incredibly frustrated, and also worried that they might have lost it :C

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    I do the same thing. I'll order something and then spend every day until it comes going "Did it come yet?"

    It's worse when you're waiting a long time and then, when you get the package, it's the wrong thing. I ordered a DVD once and instead of a DVD I got a CD that was entirely un-related and that was even addressed to someone in another state!

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    Oh, I ordered my uniform for my iaijutsu classes from a place in korea, and they sent it to my Albaquerquey, NM...I live in Philadelphia... >:C

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    I feel this way every time I drop off a Netflix DVD in the mail and wait for the next one to arrive. Of course I never plan "set times" to watch my films, plus if I'm in the mood for a movie I can just use instant streaming, so waiting for the next is not a big deal.

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    When i'm waiting for any Package I usually watch a movie or play games, jumping at every sound of a truck until it finally comes xD.

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    Thankfully all my diaper related stuff has arrived quickly, arriving before I could worry. (Especally Acecool with my contest win case of Wellnesse.) Not the case with many other online purchases.

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    For me it don't take to long for it get here cause half the time the company ends up to be close to me. But when it does a while for it to get here i end up playing video game or just waiting at the door like a puppy hehe.

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    I always get super excited when I order something and every day I wonder if it's going to come that day. Then I stop paying attention and think "well, it will show up eventually but whatever) then it arrives.
    I think the way is works, for me at least, is that a watched pot never boils.

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