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    hi there im magic123, im 19 from the uk jst finished college

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    Hi magic,

    I'm afraid to say that your introduction left a little bit to be desired. There are two tips that I'd give you, as a fellow member, to ensure that you are well received:
    1. Punctuation is key. This community is generally not overly strict when it comes to spelling and grammar. However, it is important that you write legibly, and proper usage of capitalization, periods and comas helps greatly.
    2. It would be appreciated that you share a little bit more. You don't need to write an autobiography, and you certainly should not share anything you're not comfortable sharing, but saying that you are a 19 year old college graduate really doesn't give us much to work with.Do you have any interests? What brings you here? Any TV show, book, movie or game you like? The point of the introduction is to give us something to work with so we can make you feel at ease here, and that's a bit hard to pull off when all we get is a one-liner.

    My suggestion would be to either edit your original post or post a reply to this thread with a more in-depth (and preferably better written) introduction. I'm sure you'll be very welcomed then.

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