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Thread: for firefox users....what are your favorite themes/personas

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    Default for firefox users....what are your favorite themes/personas

    one of the many cool things about firefox i have found that i love is the ability to personalize it with themes also called personas.....the one i like right now is kind of a futuristic teal blue.....cant remember what its called but its a top theme right now.....any how for those who like firefox....what theme do u use?

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    i just switched to the very ab'ish rana-my baby theme.....very cute

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    Right now I've been bouncing between different holiday themes.

    I don't have a regular favorite, though, I change the theme depending on my mood.

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    I'm still sporting (pun not intended) a Vancouver 2010 persona, and I don't have any plans to change it for a while.

    Just one more hint that I might like the Olympics a tiny bit too much...

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    Mine's Dark Fox, all the way.

    Funny thing is, I also have the "New Black" Skin selected for the forum :X

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    I have been using this Zelda theme called "Tri Force Hyrule Crest" for a long time, I'd post a link but when I try to go back to it I get a message that says "We're sorry, but we can't find what you're looking for."

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