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Thread: WTF was that?!?!?

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    Default WTF was that?!?!?

    Have you ever sat through an entire movie, and it just left you asking the exact same question that is the title of this thread?

    I can make some degree of sense out of most of the movies I watch. But, occasionally, I encounter something that is completely alien to me.

    I hate to say that The Blood of a Poet is one of those films. No, just because I don't get it does not make me a stupid person.

    Un Chien Andalou was supposed to be one of those films from the start, and it succeeds.

    I am not talking about bad films at all, just for the record. Just films that honestly confused the hell out of me.

    What films left you in a state of complete confusion at the end? I'm genuinely curious, because I might want to look them up and see them for myself.

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    oh good idea for a thinking the movie the cube and its sequels.....never really got that movie....

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    since it is an interactive movie it might count, but Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit had me going WTF with a couple major twists that were out of left field. Plus the supposed "best ending" was so far out of character with the entire game.

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    I felt this way about John Leguizamo's "The Pest." I found that to be perhaps the stupidest movie I have ever seen. I don't watch a ton of movies, so when I do, it's generally because it's been recommended by many people. My sister usually has good taste, but she recommended that to me at one point years ago, and man was that bad, lol.

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    YES YES YES! but I dont have a movie in mind at the moment.:\

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    Lady in the Water. Made perfect sense and I was still WTF.

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    AI. I got about halfway through it before it just kind of stopped making sense to me. :P

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    The Village by M. Night Shyamalan. Seriously, the ending was such an immensley idiotic mind-fuck.

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