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Thread: which is better. disposable or cloth

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    Cool which is better. disposable or cloth

    i got coreous. iv only have use disposables but which is beter to have?
    cloth or disposable?

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    Better for what?...For whatever purpose, it depends on the brand of disposables, and what cloth you use...

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    true but i men for leaking and messing and you can even stack or what ever i want to hear which holds more and which is just trying to try cloth one but geting them online so

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    Cloth: Bulkier, no chemicals or irritants, much more baby feel to it, cheaper in long run...

    Disposable: Easy to get, discreet, plastic backed/crinkly...

    Depends on which aspect you look at...

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    I have both... but I greatly prefer disposables. They are more comfortable... more absorbant... and generally cause less problems.

    To get even decent absorbancy out of cloth diapers they need to be 2-3 inches thick. Where as even the thickest disposable that can last for 6-10 hours is only 1.5 inches at most.

    Also... cloth diapers smell when used... and need to be washed immediately or the smell with get tons worse. Disposables... roll it up... toss it in the bin... and get another.

    Cloth diapers do not have any kind of anti-rash threatment in them like the higher grade disposables do. Cloth ones will soak up moisture... but they do not lock it away from the skin... so you end up getting irritated a lot sooner. I have never been one to get bad rashes... but spending the night in a wet cloth diaper will give me one.

    Finally... cloth diapers are very hot. I typically end up soaking them with sweat before I pee in them enough to dictate a change. It's not very comfortable.

    The only time I will even slip on one of my cloth diapers anymore is if I'm sitting around the house where I can change immediately. I don't wear them once they are wet anymore.

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    Like everyone is saying, disposeables are easyer, specialy for you younger guys hideing from others, but as far as absorbancy you can't beat cloth, as long as you don't use some skinny peice of material.

    Get an old bath towel, as long as it fits halfway around your waist, it will work, and some small hand towels and stack them in the center, you can pretty much choose how much absorbancy you want, fold it and pin it on, but you do need plastic pants, preferably much bigger than you are, but no so big the leg gathers don't hold on to your legs, this is the part where the toddler plastic pants won't work, you all know how big they look on a little kid, there is a reason for that, you need the room.

    And just start wetting, no matter how much or how fast you wet, they will take it, the whole diaper becomes your absorbancy, and after you done and want to get rid of it take it off and put it in the bathtub, and keep rinseing it untill the oder is gone, either hang it to day or wash it again in the washing machine.

    I use this system almost everday after my disposeable starts to leak, enjoy B

    If you haveing a problem with oder, just add a little white vinagar to the rise water, it will nutralize the urine smell, got this tip from a guy who wear nothing but cloth....

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    I only use cloth when I run out of disposables, which is what's happening now. Cloth diapers are pains, both literally and figuratively.

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    LUL 12 v 0

    Most everyone prefers disposables, but it is a matter of preference.

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    I like disposable more. Probably because I used disposable as a baby.

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    Since I've tried only disposable I say Disposable (for the moment).
    I'm planning in the future to try one cloth because I'm curious to know how it feels

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