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Thread: Proudest Video Game Moments!

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    Default Proudest Video Game Moments!

    Yep, this is for the moments in your video gaming history that you can look back on and think, "Whoa, it's so awesome, I actually accomplished that!"

    For me, it was defeating the two optional bosses in Final Fantasy VII - which took endless amounts of trial and error until I finally toppled the underwater one first, and then the one in the sand a couple of months later.

    Of course, 100% completion on Vice City also gave me nice bragging rights. I don't ever want to do the dirt bike arena mini-game EVER again, though.

    And actually passing "The Legend of Maxx" on it's full 10-foot glory - never mind that I didn't pass it well, just the fact that I passed it is enough to give me pride.

    So, what were the moments that did it for you?

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    Beating Okami favorite game ever,well top3. Oh and it was on the Wii

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    Beating Half-Life: Opposing Force on hard mode

    Completing Halo: CE on legendary.

    Defeating Ganon in Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

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    The Titan achievement in Halo Wars, that was an epic 3 hour battle between me, the Brute Chieftain, and the Prophet. My AI buddy died instantly, and I just sat there cranking out hawks as fast as I could to try to fend off the constant stream of brutes, honor guards, wraiths and scarabs. (My auto difficulty is still 75)

    Level 34(?) on Der Riese in CoD:WaW Zombies.

    And to what little ego and vanity that is in me: whenever I play Halo Combat Evolved (PC) on Heroic. I just... own... stuff... and it makes me proud.

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    Beating the insanely hard challenges on Jack and daxter, spyro, ratchet and clank, etc.

    oh and getting past that stupid ass Tron world in Kingdom Hearts 2. I hated that world!

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    Beating Free Bird on expert in Guitar Hero II

    not a big deal now, but that song beat my ass silly back in 2006

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    Getting the "Desoto Dominator" achievement on "Sam & Max - Beyond Time & Space".

    Seriously. Getting everything out of the minigames required sheer dumb luck in some cases. This was, by far, the single most frustrating 20 points I obtained on my 360. But I did obtain them.

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    Finally beating the last level on Super smash bros Melee. Stupid Giga Bowser...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thisusernamewontfi View Post
    Finally beating the last level on Super smash bros Melee. Stupid Giga Bowser...

    I think I was 11 at the time that I finally got it down, I had spent quite a few hours banging my head at that. I tried resting Giga Bowser with Jigglypuff first, but couldn't kill the other two. Then I tried floating around Giga Bowser with Peach and knocking him out without getting hit, but I could never accomplish that. Then I tried beating everyone at once with Mewtwo, which failed miserably. I finally managed to win it by playing as Fox and firefoxing through the crowd without getting hit. I definitely felt like a god at the time after beating it.

    I would also have to add to the list getting horde server first yogg +1 on WoW, as well as pasing 1800(lol) arena rating for the first time.

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    100% of all items, including music notes on Banjo-Kazooie, back when I was like 10 and that was a big challenge.

    Getting the Invincibilty cheat on Goldeneye 64. Invisibility was tough, but can't hold a candle to Invincibility. I suppose beating Aztec even on special agent is worth some bragging rights as well.

    Beating I Wanna Be The Guy.

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