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Thread: Your take on the subject...

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    Default Your take on the subject...

    I was reading some forums on other sites and someone brought up the issue of the Littles and Baby Pride symbol.

    About Pride - Littles and Baby Pride

    The concerns were that it was designed without the consultation of the AB/DL community and that it doesn't completely represent everyone.

    I was wondering what everyone else thought about this. Comments, concerns, conundrums?

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    Yeah its ridiculous that they think that everyone can just agree that their symbol is the perfect fit. Albeit its not bad...just not great xD

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    Well it is a bit simple..but its hard to do more without "not" representing everyone..or making it too..diapery..or too sissy or.. too something else hehe.

    I guess thats why its so simple.

    I like it

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    I think a plain old diaper would've been better tbh xD

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    Well I guess diapers could have been good ..xD

    ps. I was racing to be the first to reply evan. :3 *runs to next unanswered post* MINE! (jk jk ) lol

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    Aww! You didn't win the secret prize! This --->

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    LOL xD pizza! gimme .. xD

    I think i might actually buy that pin ...i think its kinda cute to put on my will deifinitely match !

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    Things designed by committee tend to either never make production or be utter rubbish. I'm not the biggest fan of the thing, but it was the first and it was done a long time ago now. The gay pride rainbow flag wasn't designed by committee either, and it went through a lot of debate, but it was visible, and it was one of the first.

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    I'll gladly buy a few beers for anybody who is brave enough to have that tattooed on any readily visible part of their body.

    Ummm...... On second thought, maybe not.

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    Default've been looking at my forehead again. Yeah, I think they chose a sign that wasn't a diaper or a diaper pin for a reason. I suspect they wanted a symbol that other diaper lovers would recognize, but not the straight world, where as a diaper pin or a diaper would be more of a give away. of course, everyone knows what the rainbow stands for, but in its initial inception, only gays would have known.

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